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Hi i really need help on coming up with ideas /concepts,how do you guys do it.Every time i think of a concept it's either boring or cliche. I need some basic brainstorming techniques. I have this big assignment but i just can't seem to get "The Big Idea"
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    Research the product, company, and target consumer till
    you come up with something.
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    You might find something useful in this thread:


    Andrew Gould

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    Like wilmath said, there must be done some researches about the product/company/target. Say your opinion, but try everything to be positive about that product if it's a good product, also, think that the no1 goal is to sell the product. So write the article for selling the product, you must convince the readers to buy that product, think about that when writing.
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    Just try mind mapping, or brain dumping. Just put them all down on a piece of paper and see where it takes you. To be a great writer you have to love reading so go to the library, search the Internet, find great mentors that you can relate to, good luck!
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    Think about your target customer. Get as clear a picture of them in your head as possible, right down to their name and the favourite colour of shoe. Then work out why your product is going to appeal to them. What problem does it fix, and why do they care? Why is their life better after they've purchased?

    Once you can answer those questions you should find it rather easier to come up with an idea for your copy.

    And: practice. Lots and lots of practice. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

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    Sometimes the classics come in handy - a book called A Technique for Producing Ideas:

    Amazon.com: A Technique for Producing Ideas...Amazon.com: A Technique for Producing Ideas...
    Learn more - earn more: Books for Copywriters
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      Visit relevant forums, popular blogs and/or product sites and look for people complaining. Addressing their concerns or fixing their problems are always good idea starters.
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    If you cannot find a great idea from inside your market then
    try outside. You can often adopt a great idea used in a totally
    unrelated field to your market.

    If you see an advertisement on television that you love you
    can think about how you can adopt the CONCEPT to your

    -Ray Edwards
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    Go to amazon.com, type a related keyword in the search box and scroll through the titles of books. Then do the same thing with another related keyword. You can also type the name of a magazine related to the subject matter into the Google image search box and review the headlines on the magazine covers that come up. Marinate on this, then go back and do what Wilmath and ChristineCobb said. See if this sparks anything.

    You have to get creative when you are a copywriter. What works one day, may not work another day. Inspiration can come from anywhere. But, you must research, research, research. Learn to love it, or at least like it.

    Stacey Mathis
    Stacey Mathis Copywriting
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    Twitter: @staceythewriter

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