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I was just listening to an old ILoveMarketing.com podcast from last summer (http://ilovemarketing.com/episode-26...-yanik-silver/).

Joe and Dean were talking to Yanik Silver and Marie Forleo. Yanik was discussing "creation stories" and how the vendors at Whole Foods (http://wholefoodsmarket.com) often have fascinating stories about their company and products. (Here's an interesting interview with a Whole Foods copywriter: Camp Copy - Meet Chad Lott, a copywriter at Whole Foods! )

One example is Cowgirl Creamery (http://www.cowgirlcreamery.com/aboutus.asp). Why they started the company and how they make their products is part of the value they offer. Their creation story in an inherent part of their brand and unique selling position.

Working with local businesses, I find sometimes they are reluctant to share the background story of their company. They have a misguided desire to be impersonal so they are thought of as businesslike and professional, or as Carlton says, "retain their so-called dignity." They cut off any personality they have!

This ain't your father's marketing world. People want to know about the owner and the "why" behind your company. If they buy the "why," you are halfway home.
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    This looks GREAT!

    Thank you for the share.

    - Anthony La Tour
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    "If your grammar is solid and you can sell things to people face to face, you're probably going to be a good copywriter. The old school guys like Ogilvy all talk about how important their previous careers selling stuff door to door were to their success. It didn't hurt that I have a degree in Rhetoric from Berkeley, but that direct sales experience was what got me the job.
    Hands down the most important thing for getting this job was the five years I spent selling grass-fed beef under a tent at farmer's markets and the 12 years I've spent bartending."

    From the interview at Camp Copy, Meet Chad Lott.

    Thanks again Joe, a real gold nuggets in these real world sites.

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      Nice succinct little round-up there, Joe D.

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    I used to sell vacuum cleaners door-to-door.

    My punctuation is not perfect though. I'm still trying to
    perfect it.
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