Hahaha I LOVE this Forum!!! Success Story!

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Wow, just wanted to, ONCE AGAIN, come onto the Copy Writing section of Warrior Forums and thank you for all the wonderful advice you were giving me.

I made some major, drastic changes to set up a page of mine for conversions for a launch I'm doing with a few big affiliates.

I went from having a 10% mail opt-in to creating the squeeze page for this launch, which generates 44% opt in rate!


I was going to say 30% would be a home run, but this was crazy.

Now I will be going back and changing ALL my sites to be the same way. I'm snagging up so much affiliate opt-ins its crazy! Now I can finally, confidently go out there and SPEND MONEY on promo!

I've been over Google for a while. Sure I get their traffic, but they're too sketchy these days.

I'm just going to PAY for traffic, now that my sales funnel will be PHENOMENAL

And I owe it all to YOU WARRIORS!

Thanks for all the success tips. I've been having a winning streak this entire month that is exploding my career, a lot so thanks to Warrior Forums for real!!

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    Congrats, Kyle! Keep on keepin' on.
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      Thanks all! I am going to LIVE on Warrior Forums for awhile haahhaaaa I love this freakin' forum. My life and business has scaled itself twenty times over in the past 45 days thanks to Warriors.

      Thank you all soooo much. You know who you are.

      A LOT of people spent time they didn't have to helping me out. And their simple suggestions were the push I needed.
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    The best feeling in the world when it just happens. No IM product can prepare you for such a feeling when it just happens. Its on par with that aha moment when you just get how IM works for you as an individual. So pleased to here of your success and best of luck!!
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    I was expecting to see something sarcastic here. What a pleasant surprise. Best of luck keeping those rates up and having a successful sales funnel!
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    Congrats man, like your speed obviously... keep doing...
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    Jealous... In a good way. Congrats! Hopefully I'll be following in your footsteps soon.
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    wow... this is inspiring... i hope i will be able to share my success story soon too.

    Read the forum rules!

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      Hey, Kyle

      That is great. Congratulations on actually taking action on the advice that you were given.

      There are several great copywriters here who are very generous with their advice, but very few people actually do much with it.

      Way to go

      Virginia Drew

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    Great stuff man, keep it up!
    If you dismiss the things that do not matter; if you remove those things from your mind and focus on what must be done; if you understand that your time is limited and decide to work now; only then will you be able to get to the finish line.

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      Way to go man.

      Personally speaking, it's great source of inspiration to hear of other warrior's success.
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    Congratulations! I love to hear success stories, wouldn't it be great to have an entire section devoted to success stories like these? Keep it up Beats you're an inspiration!
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    Congrats.................Good Going!!!!!!!!!!
    Served Over 100 customers and there needs with Web and Mobile Apps Development, if you are looking for one please connect with me with good turnaround.
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      Keep us updated with further progress!
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    Very inspirational m8.. congratz on your success!
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    Congrats, thank you for sharing. sharing is caring, .I am sure this will motivate alot of people here. Guys when you read those thread take action, this is the only way it will work.
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    Out of all the changes I've made in my marketing, learning how to write copy has been by far the most profitable. So I LOVE to see threads like this.

    At this point I still SUCK at generating traffic. But I've realized for me personally, traffic wasn't the real problem. I spent my first 6 months here trying to learn how to generate traffic. Then the day I started to focus on copy, and ignore traffic, ironically I began making good money.

    The most ironic part, I'm not generating thousands of visitors. Its not even a few hundred visitors. Usually its around 15-20 a week. But those 15-20 visitors convert into roughly $1,000-$1,500/week (they're large commission home improvement jobs - all it takes is 2-3 closed jobs/week and I collect 10% on the final cost).

    The coolest thing about this is potential for scalability. Which I'm working on right now. If I ever break the 5 digit/month mark you'll see me making threads like this 100 times a day lol. Either that or I'll smarten up even more and begin paying the real pro's to write my copy. =]

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    wow dude that's insane.....those conversions are really high...damn congrats!!

    So curious...did you incorporate video as well on the page? Or was it just copy and some graphics?

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      Thanks for the share man. That is a huge boost. WF to the rescue!
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