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I have a customer in the aviation industry. I've completed maybe 5 or 6 sales letters for them.

Yesterday I read an article on Gawker about the massive shortage of pilots worldwide:
Are You Prepared for the Upcoming Worldwide Shortage of Airplane Pilots?

I suggested they create a product related to this problem. They agreed. We are going to actually write the sales letter first and develop the product around that. Cool, right?

Bring your clients marketing and product ideas all the time. They'll know you are thinking about their business and it can mean more revenue for you.
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    Joe that a great tip, it will show to to your clients that you are their partner not just a contractor.
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      That is a great tip Joe - thanks!
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        Yes, part of a copywriter's marketing efforts should always include keeping abreast of what's going on in their clients' industries and making suggestions like you did. Bravo to you! Few copywriters do this, but then this is why those who do stand out from the crowd.

        Stacey Mathis
        Stacey Mathis Copywriting
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