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Shawn's thread about Bencivenga's course has stimulated my thinking. Then yesterday, a thread scrolled by asking about positioning of testimonials. The thought occurred to me, "Many of these people think testimonials are the only form of proof elements." Or at a minimum, they feel they are the "go to" proof element.

Nothing could be more wrong, as Bencivenga pointed out. Otis Elevator company used it at the worlds fair to become the largest elevator company in the world.

And it's not just Bencivenga. Ever heard of a guy named Billy Mays? He knew it too and made 10's of millions with it. Vince from Shamwow knows it and he sold millions using this proof element.

The undisputed KING of proof elements, the one that built multimillion dollar businesses, the one that instantly converts browsers, skeptics and even uninterested bystanders to enthusiastic buyers isn't a testimonial.

Do you know what this omni-powerful proof element is?

Here's a clue:

Have you figured it out?

The key proof element is a dramatic demonstration. If you have that, you don't need no stinkin' testimonials. You don't need any other proof elements. And your copy doesn't even have to be that good (look at Shamwow).

So, why haven't you added dramatic demonstrations to your product?
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    Great tip Bruce!

    Another form of proof element is your guarantee because your guarantee shows how confident you are in your product.

    I always tell people to extend their guarantee to 90 days or more... heck even a year. This allows the risk to be removed from the prospect - which is a very good thing in deciding whether or not to buy.

    Even though it sounds like you may get ripped off, you'd be surprised how many people actually refund... sure you may get 1 or 2 people who ripp you off, but then again 10-12 people will NOW buy because of that guarantee.

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    Originally Posted by Bruce Wedding View Post

    The key proof element is a dramatic demonstration.
    Demonstration goes back a long way and hasn't lost its effectiveness.

    I found myself thinking back to the old Timex commercials with John Cameron Swayze. Even today, in our "sophisticated" age, those commercials are still effective.

    Thanks for the reminder Bruce.

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    awesome post Bruce... and you're 100% right on.

    One thing i do in all my sales letters now, even if
    i'm selling something like an info product where an actual
    demonstration may not work... i offer a tip or technique
    that the reader can go do... and demonstrate to themselves
    that the technique works.

    this automatically builds credibility to your offer, and it
    also triggers Cialdini's Influence factor.

    for example, if i'm selling an info product on fitness or
    a workout program... i could say something like...

    "Let me demonstrate a technique you can use right now,
    in the gym TODAY, that will help you add more weight
    to your bench press, squats, and all other lifts the very
    first time you try it."

    then you go on to actually explain the tip.

    so, even though you're using a written sales letter
    and trying to sell an info product... you're still trying
    to use demonstration... by giving the reader a powerful
    tip or technique they can use right away to see results.

    therefore, they're demonstrating it to themselves.

    you can do this with stock trading, health, relationships, etc
    in just about any market.

    eben pagan, with his double your dating sales letters, had a
    technique in his letter that showed the reader how to tell if
    a woman was ready and wanted to be kissed. and that letter
    crushed for him.

    so, nice post Bruce... the power of demonstration, if you don't
    use video to sell... can still be used in written form... just by
    giving away a powerful tip or technique the reader can demonstrate
    on themselves!
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    Like Drayton Bird continually reminds us:

    One example is worth a ton of bull sh*t!
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    Great twist on the idea, Shawn.

    Something I'm doing is a "time-lapsed" demo. This works well for things which can't easily be demonstrated in a "Billy Mays Minute". I record video with proof of date and time at various stages of whatever it is I'm demonstrating.

    For example, buying and ranking a domain name with SEO. I record the purchase. Then record the installation. Then jump ahead a week and record me visiting Google and showing the ranked page. All this can be compressed into a 45 second video.
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    Brilliant example from the Robert Collier Letter Book, mails with a "fake pearl" sample:

    "...Step on it! It will stand the weight of an ordinary size man. Boil it in hot water! It will come out lustrous, with soft opalescence that only a pearl can give. Weigh it! You will find it heavy, firm, indistinguishable in any way to a natural pearl..."

    Here's my favorite Billy Mays ad:

    "Why am I smashing my hand with this hammer?"


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    • Originally Posted by colmodwyer View Post

      Here's my favorite Billy Mays ad:

      Billy Mays - Impact Gel - YouTube

      "Why am I smashing my hand with this hammer?"


      Guy was one of a kind.

      Fun Fact: Billy Mays didn't want to put his hand under the car wheel. The producer ended up doing it.
      Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
      - Jack Trout
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        Originally Posted by Joe Ditzel View Post

        Guy was one of a kind.

        Fun Fact: Billy Mays didn't want to put his hand under the car wheel. The producer ended up doing it.
        Yep, I really miss their TV show. You could learn so much about marketing and copywriting from watching those shows.
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    Ginsu knives... BluBlockers...

    like Gary B. said at his seminar... no argument can withstand
    the power of one dramatic demonstration...
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    thanks for the insight man really came to me at my time of need
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    This reminds of a great post by Rich Schefren a few years back breaking down step-by-step Billy Mays' marketing magic/sales process: Billy Mays Products Marketing Explosives!

    That post is full of golden nuggets not to be missed.

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