How to make the transition?

by asha91
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Hey fellow Warriors,

I was just wondering, if I am already a content writer, how do I transition into copywriting? The closest I've been to writing sales pages are articles with sales pitches at the end. Is it possible to do this without a degree in the arts? I have experience writing for a couple of years now, so language isn't an issue. I'd like to try out copywriting, just as an additional skill. Can anyone offer me some guidance?
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    First of all you don't need a degree in anything.

    There are a few ways.

    1. If you're writing pre-sell articles for clients, chances are those funnel to a sales page. Offer to help out with the copy side of things. You've already got the relationship there to build from.

    2. Create a product. Sell it. Use it as proof that you can perform (this is what I did).

    3. Make an offer here (or anywhere) to do it. Don't pretend to be anything you're not. Write a sales letter selling yourself. If the copy you use to sell yourself is solid, people will take a chance with you.

    I'd recommend reading through some of the books stickied in this forum, because you do have an obligation to be able to perform and know the fundamentals.

    But once you have that ability, you don't need a degree (or permission from anyone) to start offering the service.


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    1. Start by reading about the basics of writing copy (see this list

    2. Then practice writing copy and rewriting sales pages, brochures, etc. and check it against this list:

    3. Then offer to craft some copy for non-profit organizations pro bono. This way you'll (a) gain some experience; (b) have a chance to get some testimonials and (c) as I did, you may get a paying gig from some of these deals. The following link may come in handing for finding some non-profits that will take you up on your offer:

    Just tell them you want to expand your copywriting portfolio and that you are offering to handle one project for a couple of non-profit organizations.

    Good luck!

    Stacey Mathis
    Stacey Mathis Copywriting
    The Copywriter's Highway to Success
    Twitter: @staceythewriter

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      Thanks all of you, those suggestion were really helpful. Guess I'll start practicing and reading up as well
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