How To Become A Great Copywriter While Playing Games

by Rezbi
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I'm not sure that subject line is spot on. However...

I have Brian Keith Voiles' Advertising Magic. And I think it's one of the best courses around on copywriting.

Here's why:

Brian has enthusiasm. And it shines through in his work.

He enjoys what he does so much, it's no longer work for him. It's play.

He makes every part of the copywriting process a game.

In fact, you can see this in his headline writing videos. More on that later.

Now, anyone who's read my posts or blog articles (which no longer exist) know I've always disliked copywriting. Or at least in the last few months I have. Because it's hard work.

But that's all changed...

Now I treat it like a game.

I want to make this better; that better; this looks good; no, no, that looks even better. Yes' that's it. I've got it.

And I only take on jobs on subjects I enjoy. Or at least can make myself enjoy by mustering up enthusiasm for it.

It's made me a better copywriter. And I think it could make you a better one, too.

Treat it like a game. Enjoy it. Have fun while doing it.

Make money playing games.

And it will no longer be work.

Here's Brian's headline writing videos page:
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    Thank you for the kind words Rezbi... and YES... you are right.

    For years now copywriting has become NOTHING more than a fun-filled, enjoyable "game" process that I LOVE engaging in.

    It's much like sitting down with my guitar to practice, or sitting at my piano to write a song. It's a VERY enjoyable, pleasure-filled experience.

    I like the old saying, "Do what you love and the money will follow." I love it because it's true. It's been true for me, and I believe it's true for most people who've achieved their hearts desires.

    Every day I wake up in a 12,000 square foot castle, overlooking the beautiful Salt Lake Valley nestled in the foothills of the mountains -- and I pinch myself at how incredibly blessed I am. And I giggle like a little kid in a candy store... knowing that I created this glorious home with 60-thousand acre national forest at my back door -- all by playing!


    That is the key to success at anything if you ask me!

    Thank you Rezbi, for reminding me of my roots. Some days I tend to take life too seriously. But on those other days... you'll catch me PLAYING up a storm!


    Brian Keith Voiles

    Killer Copywriting... Guaranteed, by the Author of \"Advertising Magic\"

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    You're welcome, Brian.

    Good to see you on here.
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      Looks like I'm going to have to get myself a copy of it - and yes you're right Brian, we are blessed with what we have and we can do it from home - not many people can say that!

      I love to 'play' too - although for me it can be stressful at times because of other distractions - kids mainly

      I go into a sort of 'zone' where I keep going to the point I feel mentally exhausted - and it's in this zone that my best work comes out.

      I HATE being broken away from that space, it disrupts the flow and prevents me getting some good stuff on paper. It can also mean that once disrupted, I almost disconnect. The other night I was re-writing web content and in around 6 hours produced some really good stuff. That was while my kids slept.

      My best sales letters come from the 'zone' too - but it can't be forced that's for sure. You have to relax into it and allow the brain to take over rather than think too hard. When I think too hard, I get writer's block.

      So I leave things to percolate like a teabag for a few hours or even days to get back into it...and it's worth having that break from it as it works a treat.

      Welcome to the forum Brian, and thanks Rezbi for the reminder
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    Holy crap. You got Brian Keith Voiles to come to this forum. You're like some kind of magician!

    Next time, maybe you could wish for some strippers and coke as well.

    You know... for science.


    Always looking for badass direct-response copywriters. PM me if we don't know each other and you're looking for work.

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      Originally Posted by Daniel Scott View Post

      Holy crap. You got Brian Keith Voiles to come to this forum. You're like some kind of magician!

      Next time, maybe you could wish for some strippers and coke as well.

      You know... for science.

      I can do better than that...

      In the new year - sometime - I'm coming out with my course.

      A course that's guaranteed to turn my students into (almost) world class copywriters within six months... if they do what they're told.

      Because one thing I can absolutely guarantee is that the course will be INTENSE. Not for cissy cry-babies.

      Whether or not they'll earn world class money after that will be up them and how hard they work.

      And, if they make world class money, guess what they'll be able to afford...

      Something a bit classier than strippers and coke, I'd imagine.
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  • For anyone unfamiliar with Brian Keith Voiles, Michael Senoff has an extensive interview here:

    Brian_Keith_Voiles PLUS TopLine_052504
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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  • Wow, BKV here on the forum.

    Brian, when you first released "Advertising Magic" - all these years ago (and it was a while ago lol).

    I phoned you from the UK just to tell you how brilliant it was.

    And it still is.

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  • I think Ad Magic was the first course I bought on copywriting. I still refer to it all the time. His passion comes through.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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  • Same here Joe - I think it may well have been the first major course on copywriting.

    It was incredible, suddenly I discovered the holy grail of copywriting techniques. Superbly written, entertaining and exciting it was a sheer enjoyment to read.

    With so many "ahh ahh" moments. I remember studying every page with a huge smile saying - "Yes, that's what you do... and that's how you write it..."

    Mine had the cassettes because Cd's hadn't been invented.

    The cassettes have long since disappeared but I still refer to the huge course pack lots of times.

    And as I mentioned earlier - it's as good today as it was when I first read it.

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    Nice Headline!

    What a great analogy.

    That's exactly how I look at copywriting.

    For me it's more like a strategic game.

    You've got to enjoy what you do for a living otherwise you just won't put all your energy and enthusiasm into it.
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    The legend had returned

    Last time Brian came bestowing gifts of headline videos and I can't remember when that was.

    I agree about the course.

    It was the first copywriting course I ever got.

    It taught me empathy.

    It taught me how to close by painting a picture of what they'll miss out on if they don't take action now.

    It taught me how to create offers only an insane person would refuse.

    It taught me credentualizers.

    And many other things...

    Everyone should reread that manual at least once a year.

    You might start writing copy that doesn't even look like copy, but I think that could be the point!
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