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Hey there guys,

I've recently actually got into a more of a mentoring role late 2012, and hope to continue into 2013 alongside launching my nightlife events company,

Now i am a bit stuck, its not about marketing the night we hold at a club venue, i have no worries about that,

It is writing the proposal to send to the club venue OWNER to convince them we can pull off a good night at this club, since ofcourse if we don't bring the customers in, he wont get the drinks earnings etc and will be a flop

If anyone has any advice or even a template they could send me, which is all im stuck on really

Even if you have experience writing these and want to earn a bit of money, please contact me at

Skype - Maverick.Kai
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    The easiest way is to sell the results of what you offer
    achieved by similar venues.

    If you don't have them yourself then borrow from other events.

    Just don't say or imply they were your clients.

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    Hi there,

    If you're confident you'll get the crowd, why don't you propose some risk-reversal. Whatever the club owner might lose if the event is a flop certainly has some cash value. Offer to write him a cheque to cover any loss he might incur. Of course, there would be some limitations to the offer, but if it's a strong enough warranty for him/her then it should be a no-brainer.

    Hope this helps,

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