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by korwil
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I just found some squeeze page templates I liked and I customized this one to my liking. I was wondering what some others thought about it.

Squeeze Page

The main problem I have is with the headline font.

"My 5 Step System That Makes Me $200+ EVERY DAY"

The form will go up as soon as I am happy with the squeeze page. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I have made squeeze pages in the past and I do get 50+ subscribers per day on a different and unrelated list, but this is my newest one and the first time I have ever asked for feedback. I plan on running several solo ads to this page and I want to know if you would opt-in after seeing this page.
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    "Me", "My", and "I" are in a large font size.

    "You" and "Your" are buried down at the bottom in a tiny font size.

    If you want to maximize your opt-in rate, make it about them. Not you.

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    Thank you for the information I will change that headline.

    Just signed up for your list!
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    "My system that makes me $200 per day"


    "How I Went from 2 subscribers per day to 50 per day"

    Stick with one or the other. Coming from a visitors standpoint, am I going to be taught how to make $200 per day or build a list? If I'm going to be taught how to build a list, am I also going to be taught how to make money with that list?

    I'd do something like...

    "Your $200 Per Day Business Plan Is Waiting To Be Downloaded...And It Won't Cost You A Dime!"

    Then for a sub maybe...

    "Learn the steps I took to go from NOTHING just 1 year ago to $200 per day and how you can do it to!"

    You'd have to play with that a little to fit your specific story but I think going either the list building route or "make money" route is key. Trying to sell both at once is just going to mind-F your visitors and it will result in a substantially lower conversion rate IMO.
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    Originally Posted by korwil View Post

    The main problem I have is with the headline font.
    If you're sticking with a text headline and you want to use a "safe" font, try either Tahoma or Georgia in bold.

    If you're happy using an image (or using an external font), try Helvetica Neue Black Condensed or Myriad Pro Black.

    And use proper quotation marks - “ and ”.

    Andrew Gould

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    Great info everyone I really appreciate it.

    Never expected to receive so many tips but I guess the design isn't too bad, just some of my text.
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    I would use Myriad Pro - Bold and set the tracking for -50. It would fit perfect there.
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      Here is my 2 cents. You may want to make up another squeeze page with possibly a little less text and then test after you run this one. Here are a couple of things that I picked up and are on the money. 1)"less is more". 2) "always be testing" so don't try just one squeeze page and then stop, keep working and perfecting it.
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    The images you have used for headlines and others are not sized correctly, that's why they look a bit blurry.
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    keep testing and keep tweaking.
    That's the best way to see what's working and what's not.
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