Is copywriting affect on a matrimonial website?

by Hafeez
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Is copywriting affect on a matrimonial website? This is a question in my mind. I have developed a matrimonial website and thinking about copy 'write' or 'not'.
Since matrimonial website home or landing page have a small portion for intro and a big portion is allocated for people profiles and pictures.

Matrimonial websites are different from usual websites those have big chunks of text. So how is it effect on matrimonial website if i write an introductory but interesting copy containing targeted keywords? so where it should be placed on matrimonial page?

Any advise please?
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    Anytime you're trying to sell something, it's copy.

    So, yes, it is.
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    Let's get one thing straight here: you have clients. You interest them enough to inspire them to click through and sign up to your email autoresponders.

    You can't do any of that without copy. You have to engage with them, or it is only about the money. People don't get married because of money, and they don't part because of money. They might say it is, believe me, it never is.

    Just like when I am advising a business and they say something like "it was the cheapest" - that always rings the alarm bells. There is always something else that led him (and it is usually a 'him') to make that decision.

    Put this into a marital context and you have something to write about that will interest your readers.

    Because without that, your page will just sit there. Some people will come across it and they might click if they have a mind to. They won't want to and they won't be inquisitive about the things you can offer them. Because there won't be anything interesting, there won't be an offer. Because you don't have any copy on your site.

    5-800 words is usually enough.

    Hope this clarifies the issue. M xx
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      Thank you for being concerned. Yes you are right. There should be something to engage the visitors attention or let them know something new.
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