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hello, I am writing copy for a product and i'm trying to decide rather or not to use one big image, and link that image to the buy link, or to just use text.

the downside to using one big image is that I will need a dedicated way to
host the image, as a basic tinypic or imageshack account won't cut it, it will also be a pain to manage once you go to change your copy.

the upside is every where visitors move there mouse they can get to the buy link.

BTW this is for a WSO, I don't think these images will work on a normal sales letter.
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    yes instead of plain text, the sales letter is an image, which is standard on most WSO's I been seeing lately, the ideal is that the image links to your buy link, and it gives the visitors more spots to buy, I think it could cause problems for people that like to highlight certain parts and read, because when they do that they will accidently get linked to the buy button.
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    I did it on my site,

    I didn't do it because of clicks. Mine isn't clickable. I did it because I can lay everything out perfectly in Photoshop, much easier and prettier than html. It sucks for SEO though, but I'm not driving traffic to that site.

    You're right about hosting. I use Amazon S3 to host the image. Cheap.
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  • Can't you just upload the image to a folder on your website and link it from there?
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    You don't want the whole page to be clickable.

    When you slice up your page set it up so your buy button(s) is near the bottom as it would normally be. Set it between two other page images. If you want other buy links in the copy crop the page so you can insert them where needed, between two other parts of the page.
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    I agree with TravlinGuy.

    You absolutely don't want the whole page to be clickable.

    You still need to follow the emotional rules of engagement - and compel your prospects to read (or skim) your copy.

    If they just click and goto the payment page, you're going to lose a lot of sales.

    The payment page should only be clickable once you've seduced people into believing YOUR solution is THE solution. (And hopefully it is!)

    Just hotspot your buy now images in Photoshop.

    By the way...

    Aside from what Bruce said (about being able to control the layout)...

    What's the attraction to creating image-based sales letters?

    You can still control the layout in html/css and it looks more organic (as a regular website.)

    Just my preference/take.

    Are there stats that show image-based sales letters perform better in certain markets or environments (like the WSO section?)

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