Would a fun, engaging, unique twist work?

by CatK
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Hi everyone,
I'm currently planning a product that will teach beginners every aspect of how to start a website. The training platform will be WordPress.

My idea for a unique angle on the video tutorials and overall theme for the website will be to provide a more interesting, engaging training program. Sure, the quality of the training content is the most important, but I'm trying to get people excited to move on to the next step and find it enjoyable, as opposed to a scary, daunting difficult process.

Maybe take yourself back down memory lane when you made your first website.

What are your thoughts on a fun engaging concept?

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    Make it a game. Award badges for completing tasks.
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    Yes good suggestion. I'm going to have a progress bar, maybe the unlock bonus button design could be of a badge when a certain level is reached. I like it.

    Any more ideas anyone....keep them coming
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  • Yes, badges of achievement would be good.

    And maybe when they've completed their site and got all the badges, the big reward would be -

    You'll review the finished site for them.

    Making sure it is perfect, works seamlessly with all the tech stuff in the right places.

    It'll keep your clients motivated, and thrilled that their websites are top notch. And they should be delighted to recommend your training to many other people.

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    Enlarging on what Pusateri said, you could make each aspect of the game varied, kind of like a miniature golf course.

    The idea for miniature golf is to get the ball in the hole but each hole is a little different. Some have curves the ball has to go through. Some have obstacles the ball has to go around and there is usually a windmill in which a ball has to go through the blades.

    Your "course" could have a
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    Pin the tail on the donkey. for plug ins
    Ax the infidel. for getting rid of nasty posts
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    A site review is a great incentive Steve. Definitely keep them pushing forward to achieve their goals when they know a helpful, constructive review is at the end.

    The "game" or "fun" idea is a concept of the whole training. I think awards or unlocks including graphics etc for their site may be helpful. Wilmath I like your ideas, you have a creative mind!!!
    A progress bar is something else I want included, so people can see how they are progressing, again giving some type of reward.

    Wow, this is going to be one FUN training site compared to the usual WordPress training!!
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      How about a little mascot that shows up to explain each new challenge of the game for them, gives them extra advice, and congratulates them as they get badges? I'm picturing something cute, like a cartoony spider with a funny name

      "Pay bananas, expect monkeys." -John Moore

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