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I can't find anywhere else to ask this In, so please tell me If there Is a better section!

I am starting a niche site I guess you could say about reviews. More specifically game reviews.

What are some decent, but not too over the top prices per word, per 100 words, per 500 words, etc.?

Mind you these are new writers working for me, that I have no past experience with. Their jobs would be to get video games, DLC, and play while taking notes, then writing a review about It once finished.

They are all supplied with Gamefly accounts so they can keep up with the latest games. They will also be earning a commission for each sale that comes directly from the reviews they write (about $5-$6 per sale).

So what should I be offering them, taking Into account commission from affiliate sales, and they do not have to purchase $60 games because they are renting?

They will also only be paid for review articles that we feel are good to be published.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have seen their past work that I like, which Is why I picked them (pain In the a$$ trying to contact them lol).


EDIT: Also am shooting for 600-1000 word reviews. They all have jobs already, but writing reviews Is a hobby for them so they are looking to get a little extra Income for something they already do In their free time.
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    It depends on how much work the reviewer is doing, and what kind of quality the review should have.

    A "bare bones" review that just goes online and reads other reviews, then summarizes them into a 500 word "meta"-review, you could get for $5-10 and it would be decent quality (readable but probably not amazing).

    If you expect the reviewers to actually play the game themselves, then you will obviously have to compensate them for their time (hours? days?) which could get super expensive, and would depend entirely on their hourly rate.
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