sample forms -- quotations, proposals, etc? And a rate question

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I am an experienced copywriter -- but not an experienced freelancer. All the freelance work I've done in the past has been for people I already had a relationship with. No quotations or proposals needs.

My full-time job was just eliminated, though, and I'm trying to find some freelance -- either to tide me over until I find something full-time, or if it goes well, to build my own business.

I have no idea how to present a quotation, what should be in it, etc. Also, although I have a better idea of what to charge an established company, I really don't know what to charge a small company made up of just a few or even one person who needs their website revised. For instance, I revised a website for a photographer. It wasn't writing from scratch, but things definitely needed to be re-organized and revised. I have another "friend of a friend" who needs something similar now. Do I quote an hourly rate? A rate for the whole job? I'm thinking of $25-35 an hour -- since they are a small business and it's just revisions. Normally, I'd charge based on a rate more like $50-75 an hour -- for writing from scratch, for an established business, etc.

So -- does this rate seem reasonable? And any help with finding form templates? Thank you!
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