A section of "FAQ" at the bottom of a salesletter?

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I've personally never seen this. But at the moment I am writing a salesletter for a home study course and there are some objections that I haven't been able to fit into the salesletter smoothly.

Should I place a small FAQ at the bottom of the salesletter? (After the P.S.) or should I try to work the objections into the salesletter itself?

Anyone have done this before? What are your thoughts?
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    It's done all the time. Personally, I think having an FAQ at the bottom of an online sales letter makes a hell of lot more sense than having a P.S.
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    My experience is the same as Ken's. Works well in the body. Have never tried it at the end, but that seems to defeat the work you have done in building momentum toward the desired action. Anything at the bottom should juice desire or reverse risk.
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      You can have a small FAQ as a sidebar or inserted near the end (I've done this several times), but don't do it right at the end, and certainly not as the P.S.

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