What's Been Learned About Writing From Saint Halbert!

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First, . . .I’ll admit I swiped that name from a cool warrior member right here out of this forum: Saint Halbert. And I couldn’t agree with him more about the status bestowed on him. Yes, Saint will do nicely.

Gary says there is no giant secret to writing well. The secret is simple. You have to write. You can’t hope to write, you can’t want to write, you can’t start to write. No. No.
You write. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to, whether you have or don’t have the skill, even if you are already pretty good at writing. To get ever better you have to write some more.

Just Start! Start today and write some every day without fail. Get a habit going and never look back. You’ll know if you are cut out to be a writer when you start then you just can’t keep it going. Look how much help there is in the way of writing platforms. And, what handy tools blogs or forums there are for this purpose. It couldn’t have been made easier to participate and write.

I know I want to be a better writer because I make it a point, like breathing, to write somewhere every day without fail. Sometimes it’s only a short letter to my aged mother on the east coast, but I write and watch what I write. This forum has been a blessing for writing as far as I am concerned. Thank you.

The hardest but most rewarding kind of writing is that which convinces people to buy something from you. And in this, four things must be accomplished. 1. Their attention must be caught. 2. Next their interest must be captured. 3. Their desire must be aroused. and, 4. They must be motivated to action. AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Once one begins to incorporate AIDA into their writing with the object of sales firmly embedded in the mind, . . . effective sales copy will be the result. Success arrives over time as one continues to write and sell, write and sell.

And, its perfection will only be achieved by more, ever more writing.

End of story!
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    There's an old saying, "practice makes perfect". That's not true, of course, because as Vince Lombardi said, "Only perfect practice makes perfect".

    Before writing each day to get better, the budding copywriter must first learn the writing principles of persuasion.

    Simplicity, clarity, word usage (power words, bucket brigade words, etc), conversational writing, active voice, careful with the adjectives and adverbs... just to name a few.

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