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What type of copywriting ma-cheen do you use outside the house?

Laptop? Tablet?

I'm considering a tablet of some kind.

If you use a tablet, what do you wish it could do better? Better wifi?

(Don't really care about brand, but I'm an Android sort of guy.)
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    Laptop and iPad.

    I will sometimes write notes on my iPhone, and ...


    Even an actual, old school, notebook (Moleskine purchased at Barnes and Noble) with a real ink pen!

    Honestly though, I don't like carrying around my laptop or iPad, so I wish they would just manifest out of thin air when I needed them :p
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    I use a laptop with an air-card and wifi, an extra battery, and enough stuff to be able to charge the batteries in a car, at home, etc. The only place I can't access the internet is where their is no (or very weak) cell service.

    The touch screen that some people consider to be a keyboard I find major annoying, and slows my typing down to where I daydream between keystrokes . Also, I don't find the tablet and smartphone screens conducive to getting work done.

    IMNSHO, they certainly have their place... just not in getting real work done.

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    Laptop and iphone for me. Sometimes I don't have my laptop with me and I don't want to trust my brain to remember a great idea for web content, article topic etc. Especially as I'm browsing the magazine rack so I just whip out my phone and use the memo app to jot down a rough idea or even some copy.

    Good luck with your purchase decision.
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