On Being Boring And The Simple Brain Hack To Fix It

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A common thread here when a critique takes place...

"For $-\#¥* sake, stop being so boring...allready!"

When you are boring you've lost attention.

Lost attention and you've lost the desired action.

Here's 2 short cuts to get it and keep it...

1 Offer intrigue. The brain is in a state of wanting
to label what you are about as quickly as possible
so it can move on to what it would rather do,

If you look, sound similar to what it's heard before then
you're answered it's question and switches off.

2 Offer tension. The brain is in high alert when conflict
is around. By calling out this isn't for you if you are one of these,
blah blah and blah, or telling a personal story which you were under
strain from a common enemy. Time frame is another story
where the unlikely hero miraculously got out of this tight jam
and has returned to tell the lessons learnt.

Enacting those 2 backwards and forward creates
mental highs by the release of chemicals...


To get the full scoop on this subject,
get the book Pitch Anything.

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    Most of all, develop the muscle for making the ordinary and mundane sound sexy as hell.

    One way to start that learning process is to read Wizard of Ads books by Roy Williams and learn how you can "surprise Broca."

    --- Ross
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