Clayton Makepeace Mega-Swipe... Enjoy!

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Hey Warriors!

Many of you know the value of a solid swipe file. And no doubt your files already include numerous swipes from Clayton Makepeace. But here's one you may not have in your collection...

I compiled this "mega-swipe" from a series of 22 emails and landing pages Clayton wrote back in 2008 to introduce a new investment service for Weiss Research. All told, it's a whopping 95 pages of copy -- and it worked like gangbusters.

I don't recall the exact numbers, but I believe it ranked up there with Clayton's all-time best performers. Just that it pulled in millions in sales in a matter of days.

Unfortunately, the service promoted was riddled with problems ranging from message delivery snafus to poor trade performance. So while the copy delivered amazing results in terms of sales, a flood of refunds turned a superstar winner into a failed promotion. And turned what should have been millions of dollars in royalties into a major waste of time, effort and money.

Which is why it's always important to thoroughly research any product or service you promote.

In any case, the problems on the back end had nothing to do with Clayton's copy. So it's definitely worth taking a look.

To grab your copy, simply click the link below. Or point your browser to:

Clayton Makepeace - American Armageddon (2008)


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