Help. My best tagline is also the meanest!

by tomcam
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I've finished an ecourse on using WordPress to create great websites fast. My guiding light has always been this tagline:

Improve your bottom line. Fire your webmaster.

I think it's strong and evocative. It's appropriate to my initial target market, which is small biz/organization stakeholders who are tired of getting ripped off for websites, or who have tried to use WordPress before. It's also a bit cruel in these hard times. Plus, I actually think it's going to be a great product for webmaster because they can get more billable work done in less time. So I need to drop that tagline.

My others just feel blah after that one. Would you expert mind telling me which one you think would pull the best?

  1. Build great sites in minutes. Let the world find them in hours.
  2. Build 3 websites. Launch your marketing campaign. Then have lunch.
  3. Create real business websites in minutes. Let the world find them in hours.
  4. Learn it. Do it. Sell it.
  5. Build great sites in minutes. Watch them make money in hours.

Or maybe it's back to the drawing board?


Tom Campbell
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    You are right...they fall way behind your other line -
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      @Tina, @Jon, thanks. I think it's back to the drawing board (or maybe just be mean).
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    I would pick the first one, but take away the first sentence.

    "Fire your webmaster." works because it's emotional and creates curiosity.

    As for the rest, I would say it's back to the drawing board. You have to think a) emotion and b)specifics - general statements just fall on death ears.
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      Hm, as always I cant resist this.

      The one I prefer is:

      WordPress Secrets Revealed That Will Let You Fire Your Webmaster, Spectacularly Increase Your Profits And Create Real Money Making Business Websites In Minutes.

      Ricky "The Ebook Generator" Allen
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    What about something simple - yet provoking. Emotional - curiosity building...

    How about...

    "Build Powerful Minisites in Minutes - That Will Ignite Profits from Around the World..."
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  • Great headline, Ricky Allen!

    Would love to learn the outcome of any test conducted in the near future...
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