High End Luxury Machines

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The high end of every market appeals to a certain psychographic that must have the best, no matter the cost. That applies to skateboarders, bicyclists and even farmers.

The Grand X is a new line of deluxe tractors acting as the flagship for the mid-size category at Kubota.

It's an interesting way of using humor while still driving home the luxury theme. It's the first major campaign for the copywriter. Says Forrestal: "By poking fun at luxury car ads we could use the conventions of that genre to sell, of all things, a tractor. And we got to make an ad with helicopter shots, models, winding coast roads, and animal metaphors."
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    I come from the midwest where people take their farm equipment Very seriously. This tongue-in-cheek advertising spin would certainly make the big time farmers swoon!
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    This makes a good point that pricing is all relative... meaning that just about every single market or niche has a low-priced option and a super high priced option.

    And both can sell well.

    Pricing fascinates me... because I've seen so many similar products range so much in price... by thousands of dollars. It can be about quality, positioning, name recognition, etc...

    If you've been on an airplane and read some of the "mags"... you've probably seen the strategically placed ads for the ROM machine.

    ROM - The Four Minute CrossTrainer

    $14,000 for an exercise bike! That's more than some small cars.

    But they sell... aiming their sites at professionals who want to exercise in 3 minutes or so.

    But you can go to any exercise store and find a zillion options for $13,000 less.

    Pricing simply fascinates me because there's so much psychology behind a lot of it.
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