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Don't know how it's doing, but I thought this was really well constructed with a nice blind hook...

Edison's Revenge on the Dollar

--- Ross
#edison #money
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    Thanks! I started to look, but the video wasn't loading. Clicking away and then staying on the page gave the text. A most interesting sales letter about something I hadn't heard about.

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  • We have at least 2 threads banging on about how wonderful video is (thinking about is there is usually 2 threads banging on about video).

    One of the many reasons why I'm not exactly a fan of video is, as Marvin found, "it wasn't loading"

    Which is a shame because this one is a high quality, interesting production (and very expensive to produce).

    Luckily, you can get the text to appear if you click off the site.

    And it is a good pitch with a great hook.

    Just as well it wasn't video only.

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    It's doing very well... ignore the hot copy and consider timing though. It's a better lesson for most folks here, I think.

    In financial, timing is one of the most important factors for a successful promotion, and Edison's Revenge has been timed to perfection. Bitcoin is extremely hot right now!

    Very important to understand this, the financial market is a moving target. So when sitting down to write a financial promo remember the wise words of Wayne Gretsky and "skate to where the puck is going to be."

    Predicting where the market will be in 2-3 months time is amazingly hard to do, of course.

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    The amount of research that it must have taken to create this copy blows my mind.

    The beginning of the video succeeded in totally overcoming ANY and ALL misconceptions or objections about bitcoin. It rewrote so much of the noise and nonsense people spread about the e-currency.

    Very impressive.

    This demonstrates the power of telling a big story...

    ...and knowing the objections your audience has - so you can overcome them - without even directly acknowledging them. Brilliant.


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    Anyone have the mp4 link to the video file? It's not playing for me.
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    Of course, you have to redefine what people already believe.

    It's like the biblical code video from newsmax.

    The Biblical Money Code

    Check it out.

    Hopefully I don't have to defend myself as to why this letter is worth keeping in your swipe file.

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