Top Copy Guy For Premature Ejaculation Niche

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Hi Guys

I'm planning on putting a PE product out there and just wondering if you anyone can recommend a copywriter who might be good for this job...

Thanks Everyone

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    I think I remember Shawn Lebrun saying he had worked this niche before. I would get in touch with him.

    --- Ross
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    Send me the link when you get it up (no pun intended.)

    I'm your ideal customer.

    Although I have to admit...

    Telling women that "I'm the 60 second man" during my single days was always an effective pick up line. Go figure.


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    Thanks for the recommendation!

    I do have several sales letters in this niche... one is on top of Clickbank now.

    Man, not sure what that says about my staying power in the bedroom!

    But I've actually did some projects with Steve... he's a GREAT client, I just couldn't fit him in right now... due to other commitments... but someone would be lucky to work with him, one of the nicest clients I've ever met!

    Thanks again Ross!
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    I'm copywriter too but sorry I still not understand what is your niche "PE" mean ?
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