Working for Competing Clients

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As a Copywriter who produces control after control, you could have more clients than you could handle.

Now, among your well paying clients could be those selling similar products.

Suppose you have written strong persuasive copy for one client, what would you do if a competitor approaches you?

Remember you have inside information about your first client. This was acquired through various researches conducted --- market, competition and product research.

This could be an analogous situation to polygamy and monogamy.

Given that situation, what would you do as a Copywriter?
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    I was just put into that situation.

    I declined.

    Because I get backend royalties from my original client. I don't want to endanger that.

    Sometimes, clients will put a no-complete clause in the contract too.

    And quite frankly...

    There are some niches where everyone knows each other. Word gets around fast in this business. So you do have to be careful about not being the guy (or gal) who takes on anything and everything - just to snag another big payday - if there's an obvious conflict of interest.

    That being said...

    I have written copy in the same space lots and lots of times.

    I'm sure everyone here has.


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    I'd turn it down AND consider telling the current client that you were approached but declined the work. It affirms they made a good choice by hiring you and will strengthen the relationship.

    (It may also save you if the competitor steals your work and the client gets suspicious, haha)
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    Find another copywriter you trust and refer the competitor to them.
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      Originally Posted by squadron View Post

      Find another copywriter you trust and refer the competitor to them.
      That is well suggested.

      Turning away a competitor, giving a reason, referring him/her to another good copywriter and invite him/her to send an e-mail when they have a different project could reduce impact of disappointment.

      This could also show that the copywriter is a trusted business partner.
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    I'd have to agree. Wouldn't want to jeopardize the relationship with your current client. Refer him to someone else
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