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by Logia
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Hello and good day!
I'm starting an IM career, and I made a website, I submitted it to google today but I don't know when will it be viewable at the search engine. My monetizing methods are affiliate products and google ads (which don't appear yet because google said it is 1 week for them to review the site). So, is my website any good? What are your suggestion guys? It's my first time but I can handle critics. Thanks guys!

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Uhm, this is actually my first website to be published online. And the first website that I finished doing.
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    looked pretty amazing to me. Good job.
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    Your first attempt is not so bad , you have done quality work .

    Here are some suggestions

    Regularly update it with good content

    Don't make it simple Clickbank based site ,designed only to get sales .Make it engaging ,try to get guest blogs and integrate social media also


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    The site itself is actually pretty good, but I would just be wary when posting links to your personal site on the main forum just to get people to give reviews of your sites.

    Especially when you don't have a very high post count.

    There are sections on the forum for people to review your site - linked below.
    Wanted - Members Looking To Hire You

    All in all it is a good website and I wish you the best of luck in the future

    - Michael

    If you can dream it, you can do it - Walt Disney

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      Pretty good job for a first attempt.

      Be sure to do loads of research and get regular, fresh and medically accurate information on there. Engaging is where it's at - you know, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours", kind of stuff.

      And since this is a medical topic, I'd also get a disclaimer on there quicksmart. You don't want to be losing your house when sometime swallows the cream instead up sticking it you-know-where.

      Also, for what it's worth, - I can hardly see that bright lime green colour you've used for your links. Maybe something darker would be better, as I don't imagine I'm alone in that.

      Hope that helps and good luck with your new career.
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    As Kenster says '' Perfection will leave you broke....Just get it out there''. I think we can all learn from him as we tend to concentrate on perfecting things and not getting it out there. Sometimes perfection can mean that you never actually get it out there or you simply give up. So well done for taking action and you can now concentrate on improving the site with more unique content, have a video on the home page, more graphics, privacy and disclaimer statements if your promoting markethealth or other affiliate products.
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      You have done an excellent job on your website as it looks clean and modern. I think the colors you chose for your website blend in really well with the advertisement which is good.

      An idea - you could have an opt in form somewhere on your site so where you give them something for free in exchange for their email address.

      Then you can message your list helpful information and make them aware of helpful products that can help them.

      All the best
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    Looks great to me.. Good job buddy.
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      Very nice, do you mind if i ask what template you are using?

      Also might be a good idea to put your call to action at the bottom. (upto you)

      ''Click Here To... etc''

      Good job though
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    The site looks nice but you will need more content if you want google to like it.
    Worked as a senior editor on, experienced in financial topics
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    Well Your website looks pretty well . The best thing to make great CTR is to blend your website with your ads. And i must say you did a good job ! Now focus on ranking the keywords. Research a bit and go on long tail keywords. You will find success with this site soon
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    Neat design to cure a specific topic. I like it.
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    Nice domain name, nice design, not bad Just needs more content. Good luck!
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    I think you should definitely add an opt-in so you can send tips to your subscribers. Build a list!
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    Looks good! Now it´s time to rank it.

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