Who Is Miguel Alvarez???

by swtp43
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Yesterday I inquired about the course being offered by Miguel Alvarez. One person responded.

Today, I have been reading reviews of Miguel Alvarez and they are all favorable, so far. Only read 1 1/2 pages of the SERP's. In more than one of those reviews it says he is a member here at the Warriors. Does anyone know this for sure or were the reviewers just spinning crap to give their review some credibility? If he is a member, what name does he go by here? I would like to communicate with the man before buying his course. I definitely want the course but have some questions first.

Thanks, swtp43 (alex)
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    He's the guy who was smart enough to buy the domain name Copywriting.com when it was still available.

    That seems to be his biggest accomplishment of his that I've seen, and I can think of quite a few exceptional (and more affordable) books and courses that will do you a whole lot more good than joining a membership program run by a random copywriter, especially when you don't even seem to know who he is or what his accomplishments are.

    Anyways, if you have questions for him just ask them here:

    Contact Miguel Alvarez - Copywriting.com
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    If you're short on cash or saving for one course then forget it.

    Go to Amazon.comAmazon.com and pick up...

    -The Ultimate Sales Letter-Dan Kennedy
    -The Copywriters Hand Book- Bob Bly
    -The Boron Letters- Gary Halbert
    -How To Write A Good Advertisement- Victor Schwab

    There's about fifty bucks in books oppose to the hundreds of dollar

    I have all these books and much more Including those high priced copywriting courses.

    These books will give you a great knowledge of copywriting and save you hundreds if not thousands.


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    Do I sense a wee bit of envy over Mr.A poaching Copywriting.com

    Damn right! That opportunistic little rascal!

    --- Ross
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