Could you sell silence?

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Just saw this and thought it was cool.

RSL ANZAC Appeal 2014: The Minute of Silence

It's the first time I've ever seen silence sold. Very clever
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    I was going to say that the concept of silence had already been sold in this context ie 2 minutes every November 11th across Europe and has been around for nearly 100 years.

    But then I saw they were actually selling it at a price which I thought is a great idea.

    I don't know if you know the piece by the American Composer Cage called 4'33''

    4 <----- click if you can't see the link

    4'33'' is 4 minutes (240 seconds) and 33 seconds = 273 seconds.

    -273 is absolute zero on Kelvin Scale.

    Not quite silence as the purpose is purposeful listening to the background and so is different every time you hear it.

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