Carline Anglade-Cole interview

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Copywriter Wesley Murph (no connection) scored a rare interview with Carline Anglade-Cole. Here is more about her from her site:

Carline Anglade-Cole

"For the past 14 years, I've created, multi-year controls for clients such as Healthy Directions, True Health, Weiss, Health Resources, NatureCity, Soundview Publications and Sun Chlorella USA.
Plus, I've launched extensive e-zine promotions for nutritional supplement companies."

The podcast is here on iTunes (#14):

or here at Murph's site:
Episode 14 - Carline Anglade Cole - Wesley Murph The Marketing Maniac

You'll discover how to get attention in hyper-competitive niches, how to recognize bad, good and great clients, how to write much faster and more.

She's a top gun, mentored by Clayton Makepeace and has some of the biggest winners in health marketing. Give it a listen.
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