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Can you guys please give some feedback on the opt-in form I will be using on my website on the RHS menu as well as on various squeeze pages I will be testing.

(note the e-book is just a place holder while the real one is being made).

I was not sure if the e-book and text referring to it as a bonus report should be shifted below the submit button.
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    Well, it's very "British" but other than that it looks ok.

    I would generally try to put the button as close as possible
    to the fields. You can draw a big arrow pointing down at
    the button to help users understand what they are supposed
    to do.

    Arguably your control should be a grey submit button and your
    would test colors against the standard grey. With a regular
    HTML submit button there is no question of users with graphics
    disabled being able to see and use your button. With the
    grey button HTML you can change the text to something
    like "Yes! I want my free report Now!"
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      Loren, what do you mean by "British" and can you comment on what you think could be a better approach? (I am not a British do don't feel bad to insult them )

      As for the button, I will take that on board.
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    "Free Valuation Report" has no meaning in the USA - I can
    only guess at what the term means. "Valuation" is not a term
    used in N. America like you've used it here.

    Also the use of the pound sign tipped me off that you
    are not writing for the same market I normally write for.
    If your product is to sell to people who think in U.S. Dollars
    you'll need a different kind of verbiage because, honestly,
    I'm real smart but my best rough guess is your report is
    something about real-estate appraisal. If it's not, think
    how confused everybody else will be.
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      Suppose the £ sign does give it away. You are correct, it is do to with real-estate and it is a form on my sites for motivated sellers to opt in in order to get a free valuation and cash offer in return for a quick sale.

      Taking this into account now that you have a vague idea of my target market, what are your thoughts on the message being delivered, the format/layout and the copy being used?
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        Alexa, I did question this myself but the thinking was, if someone is seriously interested in selling their home, they must be willing to give more than just their post code. So what happens is on page 2 after hitting submit, we do a postcode lookup to tailor the form to tell them we buy in their TOW NAME and then go on to get them to complete the rest of the detailed form about their home, mortgage value, property value and a estimated offer.

        If they opt out at this stage, they will be on 1 of our mailing lists asking them to please come back to complete for form.

        Testing will tell us if just name and email is best or even just a postcode to start...
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    Why not say

    "I'll Pay You CASH for Your House - Walk
    Away From Your Real-Estate Problem With
    Pockets Full of Money - Just sign-up here
    to secure your spot (don't delay, spots are
    filling up!)"

    that sort of thing?
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    There are two amounts in the box: 297 and 47. This confused me for a second, and I initially thought it was a typo. A customer might think you're actively lying.
    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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      Originally Posted by 2b1ask1 View Post

      [FREE Instant Access...]
      That's a very solid call to action for an opt in form... In my testing "Get Instant Access >>" works even better.
      Shin Splints Treatment - Stop Shin Splints Forever
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    What about this layout and text then, using same colors as on the image....
    Claim Your Free House
    ValuationWorth £297!

    Limited offer: Fill out your
    details below Now & instantly
    receive a Free Valuation
    & Cash Offer for your home

    (Get FREE Cash Offer Now")

    If you are quick to fill in your
    details above, we will also
    throw in this Limited Edition
    "Fast Home Sale Report"
    worth £47 absolutely free!

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    I would work on the headline. IMO not a real "eye catcher" Not knowing what market you were in, I had to hunt around and figure out what exactly your market was.

    Some perhaps like "Who else wants a free valuation report?"

    Ultimately, split test it to find a winner.

    Lets' Connect On Twitter My Twitter Page

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    Kurt, as this opt in is on a website which is all about selling your house and a squeeze page saying we can buy your house etc, do you still think the headline for that box should change?

    "Claim your free house valuation" to me seems to be hitting the nail on the head when there are motivated home sellers browsing my site wouldn't you say?
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      In the U.S. the appeal...

      "Find out what your house is really worth in this market" has worked like a rock-star.

      Though Zillow is hurting it a bit.

      But the core appeal is a strong one with homeowners looking to sell.

      If your market understands it as Valuation - try it. Then test it against a more colloquial way to say the same thing.

      Ha. The best pulling letter we ever did had an old Polaroid snap-shot of an absentee owners home paper-clipped to the letter with the headline, "Do you know what the renters are doing to your 3456 Baker St. property?"

      Robert Stover

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        Treborrevo, in the UK a valuation which is carried out by the banks is well known by home-owners but I will be setting up about 4 different versions of this opt-in and test them.

        Attached is my final draft for now... does this look a lot better than the first?
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    Definitely more striking a clear improvement in my eyes.
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