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I'm struggling to find a perfect payment solution for e-commerce site dealing with USD maybe someone out there has the same issue?

I'm based in Australia, so all payments go through AU banks and using companies like Stripe payments cause a lot of automatic fraud and some charge backs (customer bank fails the transaction a lot).

Paypal is no good because it shows your company name and not your website or brand..

The next solution I'm looking into is Braintree - if anyone has experience would be great to hear as this is a bit of a headache and trail and error!
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    Do you have a US Federal Tax ID?
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    Nope nothing US related in that regard.
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      What type of CMS are you using for your ecommerce website? There are many add ons available in the market which can be a solution for your query!
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    We run multiple sites using a few different platforms and we've never had issues with Paypal or Eway.

    There are so many ways of going about things. Some of our sites run in Opencart which has multiple payment processing modules integrated. You can choose the currency you want to use.

    For some products including recurring payments we run them through Premium Web Cart with both Paypal and Eway enabled so the purchaser can choose the processing option of choice.

    Authorize.NET is another payment gateway that should integrate with just about anything and they have Aussie plans.
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    Yes, thats why I was asking about the CMS. Because, there are many options available and Authorize.NET is one of them. The payment gateway service provider allowing merchants to accept credit card and e-check payments through their Web site.
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    The CMS is wordpress though that really isn't the issue.

    Also Paypal is fine but as stated it won't work because it shows your Company Name and not your brand/website. So that will confused customers, ie they purchase shoes from and the paypal checkout states e-marketing solutions... too much confusion and there lies the issue.

    I'm pushing forward with stripe, though its not ideal I really need something like Paypal that will allow me to brand the checkout however I wish - with out registering a new company for each website I create.
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    Why not request a change of your business name to your website name on paypal?
    That would save you a great deal of problem looking for new payment gateway.
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      Originally Posted by Ben L View Post

      Why not request a change of your business name to your website name on paypal?
      That would save you a great deal of problem looking for new payment gateway.
      To do that I would need to create a new business registered with the gov (create new LTD/LLC) also new bank account with that name ect. Last time I updated Paypal to show my registered business name it too a week to get approved and sent them every bit of proof under the sun (was harder than opening a bank account!) and they frooze my funds for 1 week (after being a 10year customer) - was quite painful!
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    Hi Arron,

    I work for a merchant service company and can gladly your company up. I have a couple clients based out of New Zealand and Australia that don't have any problems accepting USD's. Please PM me your URL so I can get a approvals and I will email you the process.
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    I'm based in Australia too and use a Paypal Australia account for most of our online transactions. As all our products are sold in US$, Paypal just automatically converts receipts for sales into Au$ (at their exchange rate).Works beautifully. Our Terms and Conditions state how payments are made and what appears in Paypal.
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    As long as you send the buyer an invoice/receipt (tax invoice in australia) and it is clear that they are paying you (and they receive the goods) there has never been an issue with the company name or the fact the company is a trustee for a trust and that name is different from the domain name for payments via Paypal.

    If you ever have an identity problem you just send the purchaser a copy of your Company registration and explain that through growth you have expanded into XXXX.

    We just list divisions under the company Name. IE: Earthmoving Division, XXX Pty LTD - ABN. XXX XXX XXX , ACN XXX etc.

    It always helps if you set up email for the relevant department and better still sub-domains that you can hang off your company name.

    This becomes more powerful as a marketing tools as you have more divisions and department emails.

    I guess if you have a poor company name that might imply something different to what you are offering or if you are not transparent about things then you may have problems but In my experience and I've processed payments from all the major banks, Govt departments, Multi-Nationals and Internationals and the only issue is ever "When can you deliver?"

    Most businesses understand there are a multitude of corporate structures and the company name of who they are paying is largely irrelevant it your registration documents are in order and you run a legitimate company.

    Many corporate purchases are made by P.A.s or other assistants who have interactions get "such and such". they don't ever bat an eyelid through payment processing but you have to pre-frame well and make sure you stack up as a true legitimate business and not some virtual fly-by-night operator.

    As long as you provide a clear "paper" trail the paypal account name holder is a minor issue because by the time the client is ready to pay or actually paying the commitment is already made.

    Given that Paypal guarantees payments and has very solid reassurances for customers who have purchased the name of the account is pretty insignificant in the scheme of things as the purchaser is trusting Paypal in the first instance and knows that they are protected by using them.

    Oh, have a valid phone number so you can address any inquirers concerns directly. You can always outsource your phone so the receptionist answers abc dot com how can I help etc..

    Then just tell them if buying their bill will show XYZ pty ltd..

    The issue really is that the purchaser trusts Paypal or other payment processors so you should leverage that first and build your brand as you go..
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