Which is the better? Fulfill your own orders what your own website or let Amazon fulfill it?

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If you fulfill your own orders with your website would I need my own warehouse.
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  • No, you don't necessarily need your own warehouse. If you're just getting started, your order volume will likely be small and you could run operations out of your own home. As you grow and start experiencing an uptick in order volume, you could look in to renting some space at a warehouse or consider FBA to fulfill your orders for you. If you're interested in FBA down the line, spend some time in the FBA forums on Amazon seller central and ask questions. Those sellers are FBA pros, and could provide you with some wisdom.

    Good luck!
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    The subject of your thread is "Which is the better? Fulfill your own orders what your own website or let Amazon fulfill it? "

    This is almost like asking "which site gets more buyer traffice, mysite or Amazon.com?'

    I expect the answer to that is obvious. When people want to buy an item online the vast majority of them go to Amazon. It does make sense that you also have your own site but you should take advantage of the FBA business model.

    The benefits of partnering with Amazon are numerouse such as lower shipping costs, customer service and refunds are handles for you, huge amounts of buyer traffic, very high customer confidence, etc

    As for the need for your own warehouse that completely depends on the space you may need for the products you intend to sell. I always suggest people new to selling online start small to learn the process.
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