Honest and Negative Review of EnRoute Global (Dropshipping and Wholesaling company)

by kayvee
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This is my honest and negative review of Enroute Global,
which is a drop-shipper and wholesaler

We found Enroute Global as a verified drop-shipper
on the Salehoo website

Salehoo is a drop-shipper and wholesaler company directory

The description on Salehoo said that Enroute has been in business
for more than 20 years and they work with very huge companies.

My friend and I wanted to join Enroute last year (November 2014),
but it had a $497 fee to join. It is made very clear that this fee is

We still didn't know exactly how their drop-shipping program
worked as their website is not very clear.

We had a lot of questions that were not answered on their website.

And so we contacted Enroute through their listing on Salehoo.

We received no answer. I must have sent them an email several
emails over several months, but we never got a reply

I called the number on their website and it always went to voicemail.
It said to leave my name and number and someone would get back to me

Again I called them many times over several months and no
one ever got back to me to answer my questions

Finally after 12 months of waiting and deliberating we decided to join
their drop-shipping program

Their site clearly says that they provide data-feeds for sites like Amazon,
Ebay and Bonanza

The data-feeds would allow us to list products on Amazon in bulk,
and would include all sorts of information such as price, description,
images and more.

The data-feed is supposed to make it easy for you to upload many
products on Amazon very easily.

Doing so manually would take a very long time, especially if you
want to list a lot of products

Their site boasts 2.5 million products on offer to sell

Anyways...we finally paid the $497.

We then got an email saying that in order to get access to data-feeds
we would need to pay an additional $4,500 per category of products

We were shocked.

We emailed the company and CC'd several departments including the
support department and orders department. We told them that we didn't
have access that kind of money and wouldn't be able to pay $4,500 for
the data-feeds of each category of products

In the email we told them that we wanted a refund since we just didn't
have the $4,500 for each category

We waited 2 days and received no response. We received no reply from
any of the departments that were CC'd on that email

We opened a dispute with Paypal in order to get back our $497 fee.

As soon as we opened a dispute with Paypal we got an email response from
Enroute after a short while.

It was the owner of Enroute Global Marc Williams. He basically told us that their site
had made it clear that the $497 fee was non-refundable. And that part is true.

We told him that their site didn't mention anything about paying $4,500 for
access to each category's data-feed

He then pointed us to the "Sales Terms and Agreements" section,
where it was written in tiny, fine print that there would be further costs
of $4,500 for each category.

This "Sales Terms and Agreements" was a link to a PDF and the link
itself was not even hyperlinked...meaning you had to copy and paste
the link into your browser to read it

It just seemed like they were purposefully being non-transparent.
Even though they made the fact that the $497 fee was non-refundable
very clear. All the other costs were hidden and not mentioned clearly.

Then Marc replied to tell us that he could possibly waive the $4,500
(per category) fee. He asked us what we were looking to do.

So I called a number that was provided in the email we received after we
had joined and Marc picked up.

And he basically said that a refund was out of the question as his site
made it clear that the fee was non refundable and he told us that we
didn't need data-feed for Amazon

I told him that we needed data-feeds to upload products by bulk to Amazon.

In fact that's why we had wanted to join their service because that's exactly
what they promised on their website

I kept trying to explain to him that there was no reason for him to keep
our $497 as we were unable to use any part of his service. But he wouldn't
budge. No Refunds. Ever!

He said I could still list the products that they had available on Amazon one
by one and find my own images.

This is not what were looking for. And this is not what was offered on their website.

I have not dealt with their wholesale operations but I tried to use their drop-shipping
service the way he mentioned.

The prices of their products is so high that even if I did manually list their products,
I wouldn't make any money.

Let me give you an example. They offered a particular brand of perfume to drop-ship.
This perfume is currently listed on Amazon for $25

If I had to drop-ship the same perfume from Enroute it would cost me $76.

Essentially their product prices are very high and their shipping to the
customer is also very high. It is impossible to stay competitive using
their drop-shipping service.

On their site they make it seem like they have their own warehouse where they
store all of these products, but their prices don't reflect that. I am almost sure that
they are just a middleman. Once you order from them to drop-ship, they then turn
around and order it from another drop-shipper.

And they make sure that they make good money on that order. And you will make
no sales anyways, because you cant compete with the other sellers on Amazon
because Enroute's prices are so high.

I suggest that you stay away from doing business with Enroute Global. The way
they do business is shady.

If you go to their Facebook page, you will see that it says they own other companies
such Enroute fashions, Enroute Travels and many others.

But guess what?

All of those domain names are expired

The contact number on their website....no one ever picks up. No one ever answers you
if you email them with questions before paying that $497 fee

When you do some research online it says that Enroute is owned by a company called Pro-Ture.

When you go to Pro-Ture's website all the links are dead

I wanted to write this review so that no one else was duped into paying $497 for nothing

And the good news is that Paypal resolved the dispute between us and gave us a refund.

Do not do business with this company. Why is Salehoo still listing this company on their website is beyond me

This is the website of Enroute Global

Welcome to EnRoute Global Corporate Portal

This is the Facebook page of Enroute Global


This is the link to Pro-Ture's website

Welcome to Pro-Ture Group of Companies - Advisory-financial services, event planning, surveillance, luxury travel
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  • Profile picture of the author violet0176
    As far as Amazon goes, if you have the UPC# the product lists itself, unless it's an unknown product.

    This is a valuable lesson for others.

    You did not do your due diligence from the start. You paid the $497 even after your calls were not returned. You threw common sense to the wind and was swayed by a fancy website.
    Where else in life would that ever happen? Would you wine and dine a beautiful woman that never returned your calls and showed no interest in you? It doesn't make sense, but some men get used and played for that very reason, lol.

    Many legitimate Suppliers have ugly, outdated websites, but charge no fees. They focus more on product quality and making sure that their Resellers' needs are met. Even if using a pricey directory like Saleshoo, you still need to vett suppliers. Saleshoo is in the business of making money off of clueless people, sadly.

    Hone your business instincts and learn to vett suppliers BEFORE working with them.
    If a supplier isn't meeting your standards from the start, move on. If you have low or no standards, that's the problem. Don't be ruled by desperation. Going into a business(or any) decision without information rarely ends well. If a company asks you to pay exorbitant fees for access to their products, run in the opposite direction. If a company's Sales Rep is not completely transparent and upfront, do not do business.

    There is no reason to pay that type of money in order to dropship and any company that charges exorbitant fees is not a true wholesaler or an honest broker. You were scammed, but at least Paypal saved you in the end. Some people aren't that lucky.

    Use this experience to become a smarter/wiser business person.
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    • Profile picture of the author kayvee
      You are absolutely right.

      There were many red flags and yet we chose to ignore them.
      I take responsibility 100%, but people should also be made aware
      of Enroute Global shady business tactics.
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      • Profile picture of the author violet0176
        Originally Posted by kayvee View Post

        You are absolutely right.

        There were many red flags and yet we chose to ignore them.
        I take responsibility 100%, but people should also be made aware
        of Enroute Global shady business tactics.
        They sound like Oasis Apparel, another company to beware of.
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Mixon
    wish i had googled before I made the plunge. I'm currently living the dupe.
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    • Profile picture of the author kayvee
      Its not too late....contact paypal and create a "dispute" case againt enroute global and try to get your money back
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