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I've never had an ecommerce site and I want to start one. I'll be selling women's fashion accessories and jewelry I already have the product and won't be drop shipping. I can't use eBay or Amazon I ruined that when I was younger. What sites do you guys recommend?
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    snapdeal and flipkart.
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      Originally Posted by nextmashup View Post

      snapdeal and flipkart.
      Right! Flip-cart is the best place.
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    Selling on marketplaces is a good idea however they will eat up your margins. So what's the alternative?
    if you are looking to start an online store then go for ready-made e-commerce platforms are there on internet . We need to review before choosing any platform because migration was very difficult task and kills valuable time later. So choose right eCommerce platform that can fulfill your business goals without requiring much time and budgets.
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    Shopify is a great platform. You'll have access to default (no additional cost) site designs, but you can also customize them yourself to present your product better to your demographic.

    Check your market research. I couldn't possibly leave this thread without pointing out that your market is quite competitive, and you also have less control as seasons and fashions change very quickly. You could be holding onto a huge supply of products that appear to be ahead of season, just to find out that few people actually want them, or that somebody else beat you to the punch.

    That being said, you should be able to craft a very pleasing site via Shopify.
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    Flipkart & Snapdeal is also good shopping portal, you can also join them.
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  • Esty is also a perfect marketplaces to start selling your niche.
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    Ouch!!! You couldn't have named 2 most competitive items and you're blocked from the 2 most helpful sites to sell on for those items. Nothing new to you.

    If you can build a great site to showcase it to Amazon and appeal your cause you might stand a chance for re-instatement.

    Best of luck to you.
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    Is flipkart and snapdeal available for all countries?

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    Joomla could be a great option to go with.

    It has got vitrumart and mijoshop

    Can help, if you need.
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    why not go wordpress and woocommerce?

    It would be either free or very cheap, and you would have total control.
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  • wordpress and woocommerce is only good
    seo services , website developing services contact subashcseo@gmail.com skype anushasubash
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    You can open your own e-Commerce website and promote it for free using various classified sites. Besides that, I would recommend Snapdeal and FlipKart as a better option.
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    I'm recalling an old story of Makka Madina traveller(I guess), which one of my friend told:

    There was a only one shadow giving tree in whole desert route, where each traveller used to take a rest for some minutes or day within that tree whenever they travel through that route.
    On day, one kid boy travelling with his father noticed that , another young man was hitting another man for sitting below that tree and occupied the same spot by saying: "its my grandfathers planted tree, go away!"

    Hence, these marketplaces are also like that tree where new employee teams will kick of any new or old seller whenever they want as per wish (or there so called policies).
    Its better to plant your own tree (like your own webstore or offline store) and fortunately browntape is currently useful in that scenario also , as they have the feature to upload orders and assign shipment numbers to ship the new direct orders.

    It's advisable, to not trust any marketplace because you don't own or run them. it's run by another rat-race participant who want to deliver on its yearly targets of either company revenue or total seller onboardings. they don't care much about How to help you grow. they will always think about themselves, and that's perfectly alright because its their Business, not a NGO etc.

    Plant your own store on side before it's too Late to only regret.
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    Originally Posted by snyder191 View Post

    I've never had an ecommerce site and I want to start one. I'll be selling women's fashion accessories and jewelry I already have the product and won't be drop shipping. I can't use eBay or Amazon I ruined that when I was younger. What sites do you guys recommend?
    I can help get you back online with Paypal and eBay pretty easily.
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    my friend does 6 figures on ebay selling chico's jewelry & a few other name brands, it's worth getting around your issue with ebay ... register under a family members name, or friend, etc... well worth it.
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    You have a great idea at a right time.It is the right time to start a business on e commerce store .
    It is very simple ,pick any one of ready made platform which one is perfect & suit for you.

    I suggest that ,provide any deals like cashback ,coupons .

    Why i am saying this ,to encourage people participation & to retain customer, we should do some favor for people like cashback offers etc.

    Cashback website business is the right theme now.Many ready made scripts for cashback website are there.Get a right one.

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    1. Go for the solution designed for professionals not the one with user-friendly admin panel.
    2. Pick right set of tools since it will be not a hobby business.
    3. Go for Saas- cost-effective- service providers benefit only if your business is live.
    4. Plan all processes like you would ship 1000's of parcels a month- tomorrow it will not limit expansion.
    5. Right product feed from suppliers.
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    Try Shopify, Gumtree[listings are free], Craigslist [if you are in US] - or simply open new ebay account and start from scratch
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    How about Unze. It is a great eCommerce Site. Its products are Male and Female Shoes that include bridal shoes, flat sandals, long shoes, High heel shoes, Brogue Boots, and many others types. It is also supplying exquisite Bridal Handbags. It is currently targeting UK only.
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