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OK warriors. What is the hands down best ecommerce platform? Here's a quick rundown on what we've ran into the past couple years. We started as a small company and built a DIY site with big commerce. It served us well but as we grew we quickly outgrew what it could offer us. You couldn't do much custom stuff on it, seo was limited and then their price went through the roof. We then switched to a word press site with woo commerce. Our SEO/rankings are now very, very good, possibly the best in our niche. The problem is that the plugins are way too glitchy. It seems every week or two after plugins update we will run into issues. At times this can take the whole site down or even change pricing, shipping, etc and it's getting very frustrating. The site is on pace to sell right around a million dollars this year. What options are out there for a midsized site with around 1000 products? Thanks for any help or insight. I would prefer something that doesn't charge a percentage of sales.
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    There are only two ecommerce options we have in Wordpress -Woocommerce and Marketpress. Woocomerce still the best options for you if your business has wholesaling and dropshipping as Woocommerce has extension plugins for that. It seems you need someone who is good in maintenance and updating. Or create a local copy to test the update before updating on the live site. Or have a backup copy before doing the maintenance. A daily backup is a necessity for large website like yours and security. You can opt for backup plugin that sends backup copy in the clouds. In this way, when updating plugin fails, you can restore the site on its latest. Or let a wordpress expert handle the updates for you. It can be done once a month. You don't need to update plugins right away.
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    I think you need to move more upmarket and look at platforms that can accommodate catalogue sites, maybe worthwhile seeing what magneto and others can offer. The problem is you're growing and maintenance will always be an issue. so whether you use a major platform or try to make a wordpress site work or indeed pay for your own there is going to be a cost.
    See what others use outside your niche
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      Gary Chapple
      You are right.
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    Well the best ecommerce platform is obviously amazon. By far.

    No, i'm not being flippant, I see that you are near the $1m annual mark. I am too, for my amazon sales alone. Now I wouldn't advise listing 1000 products but it may be very worth your while to list the 200 or so that make up 80% of your sales.

    Apart from that, I suspect what you really need is either Shopify or Shopify plus, depending on the volume of units sold.

    At the level you are now at I would strongly recommend leaving all the tech issues behind and let the experts take care of it, so that you can concentrate on growing sales further.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your venture.
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    We did the same thing not that long ago and quickly realized that we were losing a TON of sales do to plugin issues every time WP had an update. Like you, we had moved away from BC mostly because of the outrageous price increases. Most of our stores are now on 3DCart but we still have a few on BC.

    Give both Shopify and 3DCart a try. You'll pay more for Shopify plugins than you will with 3DCart and you also will not have near as good back end server access with Shopify as you do with 3DCart.

    On the other hand, 3DCart charges you an extra $5/GB for going over your bandwidth allowances. We don't really mind paying for bandwidth overages because it means we had a lot more customers and made a lot more sales and $5/GB is chump change compared to the sales that come from it. Every site is different and you'll have to make that determination yourself.
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    We use amazon and shopify plus best out there by far
    you need to look into these as they both have
    the infrastructure to cope with the volume you are doing and the technology specially shopify plus there is a lot you can do with the platform very customisable. But do your research and find everything about both platforms to see if they are the right fit for your business.
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    Amazon is great if you can rank your products on the first page for your keyword.

    I really like Shopify these days. Shopify + Facebook ads is gold right now. I don't recommend you to build a e-commerce store from scratch. Shopify is so cheap and it converts well.
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    Has it's been said here you are at a stage where you should let all the tech part to the experts to take care of this for you. With the right technical knowledge to apply, that can even help you grow quicker than you thought.

    That said, your move out of BC in the circumstances was a good one, and switching to the WP WooCommerce platform as well. The software platform can handle MUCH MORE than what you already have, and the work already involved to built that store plus what it would require as more work to move to another platform again, it would be foolish to do so. The problem obviously resides on the backend server on which you run all this and its configuration. I mean, this is the ENGINE of your RACING boat, you see. So, it needs to have a high level tweaking and maintenance strategy implemented and with some software update policy as well. There are ways to do things, with the right knowledge. This is the kind of service I offer if interested, I manage clients' Internet assets on powerful AWS. You do not need to change your ecommerce management software stack, you need something much less risky, the expertise to handle and boost to no end what you already have.

    And so, you see, this is really the most powerful platform you can have ever, and I'll tell you why. Because YOU OWN IT, no matter what. You own your own private cloud, private data, private mailing lists and so on... Not the ISP nor hosting service, nor the SaaS provider as in Shopify nor anything in the like, no one but you. You keep all control privately on your assets. And by implementing a two-way scalable server strategy you have no fear of growing, and support traffic peaks due to special promotions to your email lists, and eventual rapid traffic growth as well. All without you need to changing your management platform. One of the most important things of all is that such kind of structure set up on AWS is much more secure, right from the start, than most of the hosting platform out there.

    Much to think about, this is certainly not something to take lightly.
    Hope that helps in your reflexions for the right direction to take.

    Best regards,
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    It depends on your business profile, Magento 2 is my personal best as it is more flexible and provide a better code quality and testing platform.

    Some of the other features you may consider before opting for it:

    1. It is well suited for bigger enterprises with bigger product inventory and a bit more complex website.
    2. Somewhat better admin interface.
    3. Better theme management.
    4. less running cost.
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    I have used many e-commerce platform to develop websites working in Chetu Inc. One of favorite e-commerce platform is Magento. But you can use any of below mentioned platform.
    • Magento
    • Shopify
    • WooCommerce
    • BigCommerce
    These are SEO friendly platform with the help of some plugins.
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    I agree 100% with you. Bigcommerce is not good for ranking. Wordpress is good possibly best in that game but as you've mentioned it is very unstable and will throw you in problems with that's regular version update. Every time wp get a new version your theme has to be updated your plugin has to be updated otherwise you will run in security problems. Other than that woocommerce is not pci compliant. You may try Shopify And Shopify Plus, Shopify Plus is highly Scalable and Customiseable.
    As I am partner both of them Bigcommerce , Shopify and Shopify Plus I know this very well.

    Let me know if I can help you
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    Shopify Plus would have to be my answer because it literally is just the best platform for me and my brand and I would say it's super easy to use. I'm not too much a fan of amazon.
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    Magento is the best eCommerce platform. It have all the features that make it a perfect CMS.

    - Low Cost ( Themes are available FREE & PAID )
    - Ongoing Development of CMS
    - Best in class security
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    You can go with Magento or Shopify. Ofcourse Magento is best for customizing features or design.
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    hey there

    best e commerce?
    well there are a few of them and this is how i would rate them based on my interaction with them

    By far amazon is #1 then
    magneto then shopify then woo commerce then big commerce then facebook then ebay
    thats my preference
    of course if you talk to 10 warriors you may get a slightly order of things
    talk soon
    sam f
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    Shopify is the best option - Otherwise, go with WooCommerce but it is slightly tricky to set up but it is very powerful.
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    I prefer wordpress - Woo-commerce or Joomla!!
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    One of my clients moved to Shopify from WooCommerce and in just one week Shopify disabled their payment system citing a reason to be "high risk". This was done without any prior notification. We moved to EcomNation and used as PG. This combination has worked ever since without issues.
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