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Millionaire to be in his first mile on the road to success. I have been dabbling in research related to eCommerce for a year or so. I would like to ramp that up and start grinding. Im looking for some good podcast to listen to while I do yard work or what have you. Also interested in reading material but just so you dont waste your time, im not buying your damn ebook. We both know that there is a plethora of free information and advice out there. Anyone who would like to point me in the direction of useful material I would appreciate it.

Topics Im interested in:

  • eCommerce via Amazon/Ebay/Shopify
  • Dropshipping
  • Product sourcing
  • internet marketing
  • SEO

If there is anything else you recommend me check out feel free to let me know. Ready to get this gravy train rolling into profit and I want all the knowledge I can stand.
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