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I'm messing around with the idea of having someone else sell my art for me on Ebay, or wherever else they would like to sell it.

I'm able to sell it myself except I think Ebay doesn't like something I'm doing. They are limiting me in search or something, because I had a solid month of fantastic sales but the following month sales are steadily declining. Their tech support says this is due to the hurricanes but I don't see how that can be. Hurricanes did not hit the whole country. I've heard that a low conversion rate can have this effect?

This is just an idea I'm thinking about so it would be cool to hear what others think about this. I provide the original pieces of art, and I'll ship it myself but only to US addresses. As far as profit, sales vary widely but I guess that depends on how you setup the listing. I do mostly small pieces of art and I've had some go for 55 and 60 dollars, so plenty of room in those numbers for profit. Also, anyone using me as a drop shipper would have a tremendous advantage: these are all original pieces of artwork. There are other people selling art, but not this art.

Anyone think this is workable?

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    How familiar are you with Shopify? This can be a much easier and a much more cost-effective platform to promote your work. Also, with the training that's out there, you could dominate this platform especially as an original seller and even for those who you drop ship on your behalf.
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      I've heard of Shopify but haven't really looked in to it. I'll check it out.
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    Great and let me know your thoughts when you do. I recently partook in a webinar and that was inciteful, to say the least. I'm thinking of adding drop shipping to my portfolio myself.
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    Painting is my hobby, interesting you brought this up.
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    Dropshipping is getting popular day by day and peoples are making money too. But have a lot of risks included too. The main sources for traffics are only FB Ads or Instagram Ads.
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    I say go ahead and try it.

    Btw what kind of art do you make? Can you link a sample?
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      Originally Posted by JasonTheFreeman View Post

      I say go ahead and try it.

      Btw what kind of art do you make? Can you link a sample?
      Just search for Chad Marshall Oil Painting on Ebay. All of my current stuff will show up. Keep in mind they are all smaller pieces meant to be more affordable to ship. I do much higher quality, larger pieces that sell for much more.
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    I let individuals purchase dress, mugs, telephone cases and so on from my Society6 store and it makes me glad that other individuals like my specialty enough to need to wear it or have around them consistently in some other shape.
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    The hurricane excuse is nonsense, but it is not abnormal for sales to drop dramatically in September.

    Although certainly not true for all websites, many, many websites see a dramatic drop in traffic and sales this time of year. September and October are historically bad months for discretionary spending and sites that sell non-need products do not generally see an uptick until Thanksgiving.

    Nobody knows for sure why this drop seems to happen every year, but some suggest it is due to the amount of money parents spend on back to school supplies, clothing and in some cases, books. Others say that just the distraction of the start of a whole new school year is enough in itself. October is a month that sees a lot of people dumping a ton of money on Halloween stuff - parties, costumes, home decorations, etc.

    Just as likely, after draining their wallets on summer vacations, many households are tapped out of funds for discretionary spending in the fall. Recovering from summer indulgence spending and saving for Christmas might be the biggest reason for the decline of sales in the fall.

    As for your particular product line's best avenue, I would think Etsy is the answer.
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    Try to change the site for advertising
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