Getting pummeled. Would like Feedback

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I've been an affiliate marketer for a few years.

One of my sites is getting pummeled and I'd like critical feedback from anybody willing to dispense advice.

This website is focused on directing traffic to an online retailer, focusing on audiences of a partucular country. My strategy was not only to focus on the coupon code, but to also create articles that focused on brand/product keywords in a particular location.

i'm pretty sure I have issues with issues across the board - copywriting, article strategy, duplicates, etc, and having experienced eyes on them would definitely help.

My Site:

Main competitor for keyword 'iherb coupon', with and without 'sg' (for singapore):

I'm assuming that being a registered business on google helps with the ranking?

As for the product/brand articles, they used to appear in the top 5, but now they're on the next few pages. I try to add value by creating price comparisons, adding some useful info (what's it for, research summaries, etc) You can see examples of some of them when you visit the links at my main site (don't think it's a good idea to post them here).

Also, any ideas for backlinking? I'm having trouble thinking of backlinks for these articles.

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