New dropship webshop, should i first get Facebook likes on my page?

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Hello all,

I have opened my first dropship webstore, i need to run ads but should i first get likes on my page before selling products using facebook?
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    first of all congrats for your new shop! I bet you are excited!
    Well, let me explain few things about FB marketing...

    Something that you have to understand is that ads isn't a magic formula that automatically will bring you sales. Especially if you are brand new this is a quite difficult (and many times very expensive) task.

    Based to my experience, the tough part when you are brand new, isn't to get traffic but conversions. To get conversions you need an engaged audience that trusts you.
    So, as you are a newbie you can't have an engaged audience... That's why you have to make people to trust you. Trust will lead to engagement.
    And now you will ask... How I will make people trust me?
    There are many ways and factors, but as you asked about FB let's stay on this field.
    As you guessed, you have first to gain some followers and then send people to your shop.
    So for start, run a campaign for more followers. This way not only you will gain some quality leads, but also you will test the audience you have to target through ads.
    Also you will have the chance to test what type of content attracts more reactions.
    And here are some advices for your ads...
    1. People are educated to AVOID ads. To grab their attention avoid the "salesy" messages. Your first ads shouldn't be a "BUY NOW" thing... They don't know you yet! Try to share something useful or fun. Something that they will find interesting. I don't know your niche so I can't give you a specific example, but I will try to give you an example using me as a potential client... (My true reaction to a FB ad).

    I have a dog, and I am a member of many dog related groups.
    So, one day this ad came up on my feed...

    It didn't motivated me to buy but I liked it a lot, I shared the add and I liked the page.
    15 of my friends liked the ad too and 7 of them liked the page as well.
    Few days later that I was searching a gift for a friend who also owns a dog I came to the page and ultimately I bought a shirt.
    My point is...
    The ad was funny and I shared it and triggered me to like the page as well. When I actually visited the page and I saw the followers, the interactions, etc. I actually bought one of their products. If they promote a typical product with the X discount I wouldn't share the ad, I wouldn't like the page, and ultimately I wouldn't buy.

    2. Be unique, be honest.
    Don't copy other successful ads, create your own. Write your text as you would talk to an actual potential client in front of you. "Use" the fact that you are new but don't beg. Ask for their help, or to give you a chance but don't make them feel that you are asking for charity.
    Don't tell them that "your magical product will change their lives"!!! Instead tell them that you have a great product that worth to try it and if they don't like it you offer a refund (or even better a replacement).

    3. Use videos.
    Videos are the latest trend. Even FB covers and profile pics could be videos now. There is no need to spend a fortune for videos. You can either order a doodle video from Fiverr or you can create your own combining high quality product images and a catchy slogan using this tool

    Last but not least, set up your FB page properly depending your products. Share insights (not only from your own blog) and set up your messenger to send autoresponders. Even better connect your messenger to your Shopify.

    I may intimidate you but believe me it sounds harder than it actually is.
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      Hi thanks for your feedback!
      Not sure how i should write something funny or interesting about card holders haha.

      Would you mind to take a look on my website?

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    Sure! I am taking a look and I'll get back to you
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    Well, you have right, it's hard to write something funny but to be honest I think something wouldn't work in your case.
    I think your tone should be more classy/business. Pick some product images, combine them and put some testimonials between. At the end add a discount coupon, exclusive for your FB fans. Use that for your ad.
    Also, use to create facebook covers, again combining product images. Create 3-4 banners and then create a video cover again with gif maker.
    By closing, I am suggesting to add these addons to your store for better conversions:

    Again if you have any question, I will be glad to help if I can
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    Thank you once again Mary!
    I am going to use your tips, is Google ads also worth considering.
    My ad budget is quite tight...

    For some reason i can't see the addons you mentioned
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    Congratulations for your new shop.

    If you have a following on your Facebook page, it'd be a good base to promote your products on Facebook.

    You can start off by building your brand first and then trying to sell the products. Keep things interesting for the followers. Post genuine content with a mix of fun, facts, humorous quotes and maybe some lesser known information about your niche product.

    The best idea is to join the relevant Facebook groups and promote your page there. Think of it as building a community around your niche and then promote your product.
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