Best way to market a Shopify store?

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I'm new to internet marketing and I decided to start doing a Shopify store. I'm now at the point of marketing it and i'm kind of overwhelmed of what to do.

As a new guy, what is my best option to market my store with? And where should I look for information and resources to learn more from? I'm a very hard working person and I need some guidance to go in the right direction.
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    Hi Alexander,

    Congratulations for getting started up and taking action. You've already surpassed most folks since most are just talkers.

    For starters, I would start exploring the PPC world. Be very careful and conservative with your campaigns and ensure you are micro targeting your prospects. Never send them to anything other than the exact search query and do not get too vague in your keywords. eg. "Buy green widget" and sending them to a green widget page with a buy button, lots of pictures and a description will always out convert bidding on "widgets" and sending them to your main widget category or even worse to the root domain/front page of the website.

    The main thing is to keep your daily campaign spend limits very small, say $5 or less until you have these concepts dialed in and proven and you have some numbers to deal with. Needless to say, I can not stress the importance of tracking -every- campaign. A general rule of thumb, is the more specific you can be, the higher your profits will be. Sure, you will decrease your traffic significantly but the traffic you do get, is much more likely to buy from you. When you find one ad that works, you can scale from there, taking what worked from that and applying it to other products and other campaigns. From there you can scale with a lot less resistance.

    Just my two cents. Good luck to you and remember to stay persistent in your testing.

    Best Regards - Kent

    P.S.Also remember that great internet marketers (or entrepreneurs in general for that matter) have exponentially more failures than successes so stick with it and do not get discouraged.
    Doubts Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.
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    A lot of this depends on what you are selling. For paid ads, I'd start with Google Shopping and Bing Shopping because they almost always have the best bang for the buck. If you have a hot, impulse buy product that is pretty cheap, Facebook Ads CAN work but it really has to be the right kind of product since nobody goes to Facebook to buy things.
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    There are those that use Facebook ads for their Shopify store(s).
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    Definately use Facebook Ads.

    Try also to build an email database of buyers, so you can add to facebook and build up a lookalike audience.

    Also you can market them using email marketing
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    You can use write articles and post to it. and include your website link. it will attract more visitors.
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    SEO can be very rewarding, but requires dedication, research and months of work. There's a reason why small business can sustain #1 positions for commercial search terms throughout the years - it's because they perform 95% of their many promotional activities with absolute certainty.

    You can do this also. Find courses on market research for niche products, and complement that with more in-depth and advanced keyword research. This is an intense subject, with many varying viewpoints and very little comprehensive information.

    There's also design, sales copy, graphics creation, social marketing, quality backlink generation, writing articles, blogging (and much more), all of which must be done professionally, by hand.

    The good news, is that if you do these things right, you're miles ahead of the competition. You also don't have to play the paid ad casino.

    As previous experts have pointed out; be conservative and targeted in your approach to paid ads. Google and Bing convince you to test out hundreds of different keywords at once, which is impossible to glean reliable data from, without large sums of cash that you can expect to lose very quickly.

    Search marketing is one way to provide insights and data on which will be your top-paying ad keywords. I'm being critical here to point out that even then, paid ads are less reliable than successful search campaigns, despite their seemingly overwhelming difficulty.
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    SEO is the good option to optimize your shopify store. Becasue SEO strategy includes everything such as marketing, Optimization, Social media aspects, Ads, Website on page aspects and more.
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      This is good idea..
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    Hey. I guess nowadays one of the best ways to promote your store is via Facebook and Instagram. I am not saying using ads but having quality content which will bring traffic to your store.

    But before promoting your store, you need to work on your store, ask feedback from various people and make changes.

    You will also need to choose the best apps and tools. Recently I noticed that some store owners just add apps without much thinking about the benefit it will give. Some apps might do just the opposite and make your store suspicious in your visitors' eyes.

    It is essential to have customer engagement tools like popups, live chat. and also desktop notification. For the first two, you can use Backtocart as you will use one tool for two services. For the letter, you can use Owl, it's a Shopify app.

    If you need more help, just let me know.
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  • I would suggest ensuring that your on-page SEO is in good shape. Include keywords in product titles, descriptions, and for your home page. Write high quality content that would attract relevant customers and then build links through guest posting or other means.

    Set up Mailchimp or another email marketing tool to begin building a list. Over time, it will grow and you can use it for growing relationships and driving sales.

    And of course, set up social media accounts on the major platforms and be active. Engage, be a part of the community, and promote your products sparingly.
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    Those guys like myself who are killing it with sales on our shopify store have done so mainly via Facebook ads. You just have to get the right training how to do so.
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    Shopify is the quickest way to turn your dream of running an online store into reality. It might seem daunting, but you'll pick it up quickly!

    1. Connect With 'Influencers'
    2. Build An Instagram Audience
    3. Build An Email List And Send Regular Newsletters
    4. Write Fantastic Content With Shopify's Blog
    5. Pump A Little Money Into Facebook Advertising
    6. Don't Forget About The Real World!
    7. Launch A Sale
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    Shopify has grown so fast that mainly due to it's ease of use and intuitive interface. I does lack some basic SEO structural elements but they are relatively easy to overcome.

    I would suggest starting with paid advertising on either FB or Adwords, and combine that with SEO. While you are building the SEO elements and starting to get some traction, you can try and generate some returns initially with paid advertising.

    The SEO will take work and time, but long term it will pay off well, as long as you stick to it. Shopify reacts well to if you get your onpage set up correctly, and it will respond in the SERPS quite quickly.
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    Start Facebook advertising. You can also use any facebook pixel app like Trackify for targeting the right audience for your niche.
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    SEO is really good all seo techniques use and SEO strategy includes everything such as marketing, Optimization, Social media aspects, Ads, Website on page aspects and contant submission sites proper link bulding
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    You can also use influencers. Try micro influencer rather than the really big ones. They can do product reviews + linking of your store.
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