Struggling with ebay dropshipping

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What's up warriors ? Hope you're having a great day !
So i started my own business on ebay about a month ago as a dropshipper, i was so excited at the beginning and i tried to read as much as possible on how to find products that are highly likely going to sell, so i used to go straight to aliexpress and look for new arrival products, but the problem was that when i list them on ebay they get few views and no sells ! Some have told me that i should spy on successful sellers on ebay and list similar items but i don't know if this method is going to work or is it going to waste more of my time !
I know that a lot of you guys have been through this at the beginning so i will be so grateful if you can provide any piece of advice because i'm starting to feel really deseprate T_T
Thanks in advance everyone.
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  • I think you can optimize your listing with few keywords and your listings may show up,who knows.

    If you need the most searched keywords on eBay,I recommend this information.
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      Thanks a lot dear friend ! I will definitely start focusing more on ebay SEO so i can optimize my current and future listings
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  • You are welcome.
    You don't have to be a search engine optimization expert nor do you have to be the best copy-writer,just summarize the description of your product and add some keywords the natural way in the title and you are done.

    Before you do this ,make sure to check completed listings so that you can bring to the market only products that will sell.
    Good luck!
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    eBay dropshipping? You are ballsy. Be very careful with this. Speaking from experience. We were titanium powersellers a few years ago with most of our shipments being done in-house. We did however have a small percentage of dropshipped items. I do not recommend it AT ALL unless you have very, very clear expectations with your suppliers and have daily contact and verifications of inventory with them. And I do mean DAILY.
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      Thanks for replying ! Can you please explain why you recommend it ? Is it because it is getting too competitive or because people don't really trust Chinese products.... ? By the way you are absolutely right about having daily verifications of inventory with the suppliers because i have a friend who has trusted suppliers who keep him updated with winnig products and he is doing really good,but the thing is if i want to get a certain supplier to do the same thing with i have to order at least 50 items and i'm still nowhere near that
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    Yeah, it sounds to me that your supplier who requires you to order an MOQ of 50 pcs is not set up to dropship and has no interest dealing with it. My best advice to you would be to find a new supplier. There are no shortage of them. There are many resources available online full of them or just check the yellow pages in any city with a major port.
    Doubts Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.
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    there are some things you should pay attention :
    1. Title > make a good title. short, dense and clear. maximize the number of characters you can use
    2. Description > make a very very complete description about your product, shipping information, payment information, etc
    3. Price > make a competitive price. you can make a good deal by playing price and shipping cost. example : $10 with $2 shipping or $12 with free shipping offer or $13 with 5% discount
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    with ebay you can filter by "completed items", so find the niche/keyword you want to target and then look at ebay completed items if the item is currently selling
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      1. "completed items" is one of the best way for research, if you want to see trends you can use Terapeak, look for item with sell-through above 35% or more t o get more chance.
      2. you can use google trends or any similar tools to predict what item i should sell on ebay.
      3. your intution as a marketer. Example, in Indonesia 90 days again is ramadhan, many peoples are going to looking for new moslem fashion, so I prepare selling moslem fashion like hijab or "baju koko" for local marketplace from now. D-90 is the best time for preapre anything before the day.
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    Thanks a lot guys. If you have more advices i'm all eyes haha ! I'm still a newbie so i could definitely use of your expertise
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    I followed a free course in a mobile app, which taught me a lot about dropshipping, mistakes to avoid etc. It focuses mostly on dropshipping using Shopify and Oberlo, but I guess that most of principles apply to eBay as well.
    The name of the app is Life Course, you should definitely check it out.
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