Noob Question: dropping using Ebay's Global Shipping Program (GSP)

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Lets say I'm using Ebay's GSP. I sell an item and the buyer is in Korea.

Can I just have the item ship directly to Ebay warehouse for outbound to Korea, or do I need to have the item sent to me first where I have to affix a special label?

How does the process work?
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    You can have the item shipped from your supplier to ebay warehouse.
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      If I ship directly to there some special I would need to affix first?
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    Yes, you can ship to the warehouse in Kentucky (that's where our packages went) and the then the warehouse ships your item to the respective country.

    My wife and I sell several hundred items per month on eBay. I've been selling on eBay full time for around 10-years and 15-years total.

    We used to do the Global Shipping Program. It all sounds like a good idea UNTIL you get a return. The return shipping is out of this world. You can end up paying $50 or $100 in shipping just to get an item back.

    Buyers know this! Many international buyers will buy something and open a dispute, knowing that in most cases they will end up with the MONEY and the item.

    Plus, if a dispute arises, you are normally screwed.

    We now just ship to the USA and it's the best decision we made.
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      Chuck, reading the gsp rules, once the items is in the hands of eBay/ Pitney Bowes, isn't the refund and shipping their responsibility??
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