How can I convert browsers into buyers in E-commerce Business ?

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Currently, I'm running an e-commerce platform. A lot of visitors are coming. But they do not buy any products. So, please give any suggestions on purchasing products on my site.
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    1.First you should consider your product details like description, price details, reviews clearly shown up.
    2.improve your landing page optimization just look my landing page you can spark some information about landing page just provide some Gifts or offers as per user based
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    - Who are the visitors?

    - From, where?

    - Why do they visit the site?

    Answer each to gain clarity.

    If people visit because they love the free content the site owner publishes...they buy. But if they arrive cold, without some attractive incentive like a helpful video or blog buy.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    We'd need to see you site and your current marketing efforts to determine the best course of action.

    Chances your offer isn't congruent to the traffic that you're bringing in.
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        I just checked out your site. There are a lot of distractions...pop ups, opt-in box, call us bubble, chat box etc. There is no description of the site. You hit us with the products immediately. The prices of the products may be a good value, but it's still a lot of money to pay for average people. The few words that are describing each product are technical and industry related. You are targeting a very narrow defined niche. For all of these reasons (and likely more), you can't expect thousands or even hundreds of sales to happen per day. For me, the products don't clearly solve a problem.
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        Originally Posted by myprojectbazaar View Post

        MyProjectBazaar. Our site.
        That site screams of desperate. Just clicked on the site and saw the add cookies, after clicking that 3 more pop ups show up. One with a call back number, another a live chat, way to much crap. It is not a clean site, just about anybody who lands on your site will hit the back button. Show the product with out annoying customers with pop ups. Build up a trust factor. This may sound harsh, but your site is costing you money !
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  • Either the traffic is not targeted or the products are not converting. You need to do testing to find out the reasons behind.
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    I saw your site and the first thing I wanted to do is leave. So many things happening and no focus/continuity on what you want your visitors to do. Plan your website flow based on what you want your visitors to do when they landed on your site.

    - Review your visitors and how did they able to find you?is it relevant to your site?
    - Review your bounce rate, Pages/Session, and Duration to understand the behavior of your website visitors.
    - If you have a good bounce rate and visitors stayed for longer times while checking more than 1 page, then high probability that they're interested. If they're not buying then better check your pricing/promotions & competitors. Also, doing Remarketing to reconnect with this kind of audiences is a good strategy.
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    The pop ups needs to go.. THAT is not helping. I will say this.. I wanted to look at your checkout process and on your main page... I could not click on anything - as in NOTHING. I couldn't click the ok to cookies. I couldn't click the navigation. I couldn't click any of the items.

    where exactly is your traffic held up at? I am assuming the main page at this point.. Do you get traffic any deeper into your site? these are the things you need to be looking at. The actual FUNCTIONALITY of your site. Right now its all broken.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    There are way too many popups which detract from user experience. I suggest you remove ALL of them.

    There are also many floating icons that are distracting.

    Also, are you sure closing by phone is necessary at this price point for these particular products?

    At this stage I'd recommend completely migrating to a third party hosted solution to take care of all the technical hurdles.

    It seems you have great products, and it'd be a shame if these technical issues are holding back your success.
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    A very vague question you've got there.

    Mind giving more details on 5he traffic source and what marketing initiatives have been done till now?
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    Find your direct successful competitors in the same nice and check their organic and paid keywords and ads first. Then there's three possible solutions to benefit from such intel:

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    (2) Use this keyword at the beginning part of the topic or tittle, in the URL through editing, in the file name of each image you use in the article, in the image ALT tag, in the content body naturally and use synonymous or LSI keywords.

    Step 2: Conduct a hybrid competitor research and find out the points what they use extraordinary ways with the same keywords that you do not conduct in the SEO operations.

    Step 3: Try to create content length 1500+ words with significant number of optimized images.

    Step 4: After final post, try to implement content marketing or inbound within 24 hours.

    Step 5: Before finding good page authority (PA), never forget to increase domain authority (DA) through building back-links from higher authority sites. DA will help you to get keywords quick rank in top of the SERP, if it goes well.

    Using these ways, hope you could find the significant rank in the SERP and could achieve more online sales SEO or search traffic.

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    Way too many pop ups as others said make you want to just leave site so busy fighting off pop ups don't get to see products
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    Hi! I think there are a few ways to look at it.
    1. You must understand whether the visitors to your store are the qualified visitors and not some uninterested prospect. This can be done by taking a step back and thinking about your desired customer profile and audience targeting to make sure they match. Additionally metrics on fb ads like your CPC, relevance score all that can give you a rough idea on the relevance of your ads.

    2. If you are sure u got the ad nailed down next would be put yourself in the customers shoes and think really carefully, why would people want to buy from you? If I were a customer and their is a large popular brand around why would I want to buy from your store when I can just follow what is popular (social proof)
    So instead of focussing so much on purchase immediately there is a chance that you have to step back and work on providing free value to your customer (etc. Product giveaways, blogging) basically not being salesy. This is build the trust and also create possible warm leads/audience.

    3. To work in tandem with point 2, you need a professional looking product page. A professional product page is rather vague, but a good example would be to look at the popular competitors pages. They are optimized in the keywords copywriting, images all to create the buying desire in the customer.

    [moderator note: please do not solicit PMs or personal contact]
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    Try A/B testing and use CrazyEgg to know what are your customers doing on your website
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    the popups are insane. I left after 30 seconds. I did not even look around to see what you are offering. My guess is if you check your google analytics you will find a large bounce rate number and if you check the exit pages you will find that to be your main page

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    Let me ask you.

    Besides having a site, do you run FB ads and do Youtube videos?

    If you haven't in either or both of them, then may I suggest you do so immediately?

    Right now we are in the digital age where social media is thriving. Before buying anything, people want to know 3 things.

    As in:

    1. What are you selling?

    2. How can your products benefit them?

    3. In such that your competitors can't?

    Because if you can address all these 3 questions in your Facebook and Youtube videos, then converting them into customers should not be a problem.
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