Dropshipping Product Research Tool Suggestions?

by mobinc
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I was wondering if any of you warriors have used any dropshipping research tools? I'm looking to subscribe to one. But I want the best bang for my buck. So far I've been looking at DRopship Spy and Ecomhunt. Just wondering if you guys have any other suggestions?
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    I cannot say for sure, since we have never used the two "dropship service" websites that you outlined, but if they aren't a waste of time and money, they'd be the first of dozens who have popped up over the years.

    The problem with all of these "wholesale" directories is that they almost never are really wholesale. They are almost always middlemen pretenders (retailers pretending to be wholesalers). Quite often, the "service" is getting a kickback so there is less profit margin being offered to you by the "wholesaler". Your wholesale price is often higher than the retail prices others are charging and even if there is a slight discount, it's not enough to turn a livable profit after paying for overhead and advertising.

    The only way to get true wholesale pricing is by talking to the brands, themselves, to see if they will dropship. If they won't, you can almost always get them to tell you who their major buyers and distributors are if you ask, and those entities will dropship quite often. I guarantee you that even a distributor is going to have better wholesale prices than any of these directories have.

    Finally, success online is largely dependent upon selling something that everybody and their brother is not also trying to sell. When you subscribe to one of these directory services, you'll be lost in a sea of online stores selling the same exact things and cutting each other's throats with lower and lower pricing.
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    I don't have any experience with a paid for software but if you know how to use Google trends it can be really helpful and it is free.
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    I'm using Intellygince
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    I am using ecomhunt and I know there are also their competitor Pexda but haven't used it.
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    Ecomhunt, Thieve, and WatchCount are my go-to platforms for product research.
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    I think that using few of these platforms will be the most beneficial because than you have a wide selection of products. I recommend to use dropship-spy, ecomhunt and Pexda. These 3 are my favorite.
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