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There is a good change you knew that before setting up your site that it was doomed from the start, and in order to be cheap, your quality doomed your site, cheap theme forest design, cheap content from writers that can not understand the basics of English, must less being able to provide in depth analytical insight on what you are trying to accomplish, along with a number of other factors that require the skill of a craftsman to setup, and properly run a site for profit.

Lets take eCommerce for instance. You run across one of those eComm videos that inspire you to get into eCommerce so you can compete with the big dogs because they show you their eye poping anyaltics, and claim they make $1000 a day, however, if you can not comprehend much less take the time to become an analytical expert to know what you are doing, then you will read continue to read the many posts I have seen such as I paid $100s and my eCommerce site has not turned over one red cent, and you end up with a bad site selling cheapy crap products from china that can take 6-8 weeks to arrive, so lets re-cap, your lack of knowlege in order interrupt your data, bad site, bad products, priced to low, priced to high, and so on....

Who cares that you just invented the best jar of Brown & Green Mayo on the planet that looks like what is in your toilet as you are trying to recover from your "I cant make it illness..." I would certainly not buy brown/green mayo to put on my sandwiches, bad product, wrong audience, etc...

Those eComm marketers are pretty slick, they are not going to attempt to sell you something that would not capure your ambition, desires, and imagination, so they are not going to sell you on the idea of brown and green mayo, yummy, yummy, yummy.

Some eComm marketers have never had an eCommerce site in their life, some have, may be a good many, but they are not promoting their stores, why? Because they are sales people trying to sell you because they have something you want! Which is money! Once they hook you into whatever they are selling, boom. It is probably easier, and cheaper to hook someone that wants something compared running an eComm site, complaints, bad products, refunds, etc...

You were sold on the idea that you can make $100s or even $1000s per day, and some people can do these, and it probably has taken them a long time in order to master their craft, however, whoever sold you on making money just by sending up a site indeed misled you as they failed to mention you need a certain skill set in order to setup, run, and maintain any type of site for profit. You were just sold on the idea of making money, and nothing else mattered....

Even if you did put all this action, skill and know-how to work, and turn a $1, for everyone else, they did not take action, and to this very day, they are still dreaming about making money.

Before you ever waste $100s or $1000s in just setting up a site, do your research first, and if you do not know how to apply and read anaytical data, then you have no chance in hell. Your data is your life blood, it will tell you what your visitors are up too, what they least like, what they like most, bounce rates, along with a slew of other data factors, and without this data, it is like skydriving without a parachute, while blindfolded, still think you can hit your target?

So if you have already setup an eComm site, lost tons of money on ads, and you still can explain why no one bought your china products, now you know exactly why. What you know, and your skillset can set you up for life, not your everyday, low quality, shopify store....
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    Wise advice given here, I like the way you put "sold on the idea of making money". Very true words, a lot of people see the fancy cars and lifestyles and think they can get there immediately but it takes a massive amount of patients and time.
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    nice advise .. kindly help me out with the mo0z new update
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    Your advise is very good and it also points how the old adage that people can learn valuable lessons from their mistakes.
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