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I need cons and pros about family eshop idea. Is it a good idea in terms of marketing divide content into 4 groups - for mother, father, son and daughter.
Create unreleated subcategories under mother - e.g. 'vintage dresses', 'cooking tools'
under father - 'car gadgets', 'home accessories'
under boy - 'toys for boys'
under girl - 'dresses for girls', 'sunglasses for girls', etc.

Does it make sense or it would look too mesy and would be hard to attract family niche buyers?

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    My first thought is that it is a pretty good idea, I think it would take a lot of work to get it clean enough to present to families. On the other hand I have never know for families to shop together on the internet, not saying it can't work it just has to be very appealing and fit a lot of different sub-niches.
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    Not sure if you might turn off some people who might be offended by putting things like cooking tools in a "mother" category and "car gadgets" in a father category - especially feminists.

    If there is a clear gender associated with a product (not even sure there is such a thing as a "clear gender " anymore), sure, put it under girls, womens, mens, boys, but I'd stay away from that for anything but clothing/jewelry (and even then, you never really know these days).

    Aside from that, if it was a site that was about gifts, you MIGHT be able to get away with gifts for mom, gifts for dad, etc. (but you'll still piss off hard core feminists, but no other site seems to be concerned about that, so I wouldn't worry about it).
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    I think it is a good idea. In my opinion, you should follow your competitors, they give you more idea about the categories and subcategories.

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    Hey, thanks for reasonable answers. I'm trying to think something how to create value with dropshipping from Aliexpress for myself and my family.
    I believe that nowadays true reviews and right content next to products is essential. I am thinking that my kids (son and daughter) would do some reviews in short videos, that would be entertaining and funny products presentation.
    More over I have already dropshipped several robot vacuum cleaners to my friends-friends. My wife also enjoys buying in Aliexpress, have around 500 friends in Facebook that could be potential clients.
    I am trying to think some kind of mixture that all family could participate in project. The problem is that there would be great mixture of products and hard to find potencial buyer, as clever books suggests firstly think what your potential costumer would be.
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