Which Magento SEO tips and tricks do you know, that help to make the store more visible in Google?

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Having an ecommerce website that truly reflects your brand is one of the most crucial aspects of any successful retail business.But another important thing that effect on your store success is search engine ranking.So can you share with your tips how to do that right?
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    There have been entire books and massive online courses built around this. I doubt a reply on a forum will be able to even sniff at covering it. Check out Brian Dean's Definitive Guide to SEO as a start.

    Also, this appears to be in the wrong part of the forum and I'm not sure why "Magento" is even in the title of the question since the platform you are using has no bearing on SEO.
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    Getting to the top of search rankings may be difficult, but platforms like Magento do their best to make it easy for today's ecommerce entrepreneurs.
    With more than 240,000 Magento-powered sites, it's hard to see an overwhelming flaw that would turn you away from considering it for your site. It's easy to use, can build a flexible and powerful website, and has good SEO capabilities with minimal effort. But just, because it's good out of the box, doesn't mean you can just ignore your SEO altogether. Your best bet is to keep Magento updated at all times, and update to Version 2.0 if you can. Beyond that, you should look into adding an SEO extension that will help you do most of the basics and legwork for your individual product pages. It's also in your best interest to rigidly adhere to a search friendly URL structure. Without it, things will get confusing quickly. When paired with a logical navigation, your site will be easy and pleasant t use. Next, make sure that you optimize your robots.txt file to ensure that Google knows which pages to index and check for updates. This will increase the crawlability of your site and help Google understand it. And don't neglect your headers, as Magento puts your logo in the <h1> section by default. Change this to keyword-based titles instead for best results. Lastly, make sure you emphasize your efforts to decrease load times. It's Magento's biggest pitfall, but it has workable solutions. In the end, Magento can be an excellent choice for growing any ecommerce business. Brands of all sizes use it, and it has great SEO potential for the taking.
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    Use the correct keywords, magento 2 has a default sample for product title and description. You'll want to make it SEO friendly. Optimize your images and make your site as fast as possible are also two big aspects to keep an eye on.
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    The tips you're looking for could be found on Google, as it is a broad topic to be explained & there could be tons of ways to drive traffic to your website, so I think it would be a better choice to Google it & start working on different techniques which are given there!
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    Everyone who is using the Magento so that they must have to do the SEO for the website.

    Tips to accelorate the webiste with the Magento SEO:

    1. Must have the latest version of the Magento
    2.Try to optimize the url's and make SEO frinedly
    3.Use proper keywords
    4.Must avoid the duplicate content
    5.Try to make low loading sites
    6.Generate a sitemap
    7.Make the internal link building network
    8.Modify the robots.txt file
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    After getting done website eCommerce store owner needs to think on user-friendly features. Google loves user-friendly and SEO friendly website. the eCommerce site must have easy to understand navigation, sitemap. need to research the right keyword according to site subject. what your user use to find your product and services on google.

    Need to do On-page SEO, off-page SEO, social media marketing, and digital marketing activity to improve brand awareness over the internet world.
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