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Hi guys,

I have an ecommerce site, built on WooCommerce working in a couple Latin American countries. Part of what we do, is sell our clientes imported products from the USA, mostly from Amazon (in the future eBay, jet and others).

We currently have a big challenge, which is keeping our prices up to date, which has 2 major issues: 1. Keeping up with Amazon's Changes and 2. Keeping up with the Exchange Rate from USD to our local currency. Our formula for pricing is something like this:

{Today's Amazon Price in USD (including shipping to the USA) + Shipping from USA lo Latin America in USD, based on shipping weight} * Revenue % * Today's Exchange Rate

It's not a must to change the prices automatically to WooCommerce, although that would be nice. If it's just a manual screen where the prices are updated bases on this 2 criteria, that will work.

I'm not sure what to name such a platform. It's not quite an ERP, WMS or similar.

Any ideas?

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