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I have a quick query about EBay selling....

Basically just would like to get some feedback.

This person wants to sell his stuff in EBay, he is willing to pay Comission for each sale if someone lists his products using their own EBay account.

I have been told he will provide me with listing details like pictures, I list the stuff on my EBay account ((using Buy it now option)) and then once sale is made, I keep 5% back and the selling fees back for myself and the rest of the funds I have to send over to him.

I am tempted to get started with him but just afraid if it turns out to be scam. I have told him I can only get involved once I have some written agreement and can only send his part of sale funds once I know for sure the product that was sold, is in fact in The hands of buyer. This way I know for sure that there is infant a product transaction and not some listing for fictitious product.

So what's your hunch on this plz....has anyone got involved themselves in this scenario and ended up being scammed.

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    This sounds like a dreadful idea. You'd have no control over product quality, fulfilment or customer service, risking your eBay feedback and even your account. And for what? 5% of the price of some theoretical sale?

    It's easy to open an eBay account. Your proposed partner has either been banned from using eBay or is from a country eBay doesn't allow. Either way, it can only end badly for you.

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    This person wants to sell his stuff in EBay, he is willing to pay Comission for each sale if someone lists his products using their own EBay account.

    Why? Did you ask? I wouldn't touch this one.
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      Yeah , not gonna go for this definitely.

      I am sure the guy has fooled many people, just posting his ads in Craiglist.
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    Sounds like someone who had his eBay account banned and is trying to use your account to sell his stuff. There was a reason for the ban.
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    Lots of people used to do this a few years ago. It is a good Idea and works if implemented properly. The way it was done is. Seller Drops item off to you, you list item, sell item, ship item, then give seller their money... sales price minus your commission and shipping/listing costs.

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    Yea how many people said i would be very careful with this person ,of he is banned for sure it has a reason
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