How to do E commerce on page SEO?

by kroyal
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Can anybody please share their knowledge regarding on page SEO for eCommerce site?
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    I just did an article on this:

    How to Get 20 000+ monthly Visitors to your Online Shop! | The Wholesale Forums

    If you have any questions or need more advice, let me know.
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    Andy's advice is sound. In addition here is a quick tip/insight on targeting landing pages.

    Since SEO is costly with time and money, you want to prioritise the keywords/products you are targeting. If you're already up and running then you might have a good idea of what your best sellers are. It might be a specific product or even a brand. Whatever converts well on your site, is profitable and has good search volume will be what you target first.

    With ecommerce sites there are 3 types of deep landing pages - brand page, category page and product page.

    Brand page
    This page should list all products by your best sellers brand. This can be targeted when there is a lot of people looking for the specific brand.

    Category page
    This has many brands, and only contains similar items. This can be targeted when people are searching a lot for a type of product (who may not know brand options).

    Product page
    The best converting landing page which contains the specific product. This should be targeted when there is a lot of search for a specific product. These people are generally near the end of the customer buying cycle as they already know what they want, they just need to buy it.

    Onsite factors mentioned by Andy are very important. In competitive (read 'almost all') industries you will need external links to your site too.

    Hope that helps!
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    thanks andy and pavv for quick reply, it helps
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    There are lot of SEO friendly e commerce shopping cart scripts which will help you to optimize all of your dynamic ecommerce page without any difficulty. You can do a research on the net and find out the best SEO friendly shopping cart scripts..
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    Thanks for these insights Brandy. Working on your links and products online the right way is what will make you make money online.
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  • Pavv's advice about knowing which type of page to promote is very good. As a small noname site I'm able to outrank big established players because I promote at the product page level while many of them don't have that luxury and only drive traffic to their homepage.
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