what i need for e commerce

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hi there
i want to open a eCommerce business like amazon
can any one tell me
whats the government rules for that ?
how i establish for that?
and how much its gonna be cost?
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    whats the government rules for that ?
    Generally you just need a registered business or company. Check your local governments website.

    and how much its gonna be cost?
    You want a few hundred if you're doing it yourself. You need:
    - hosting ($~70 per year)
    - domain ($~$12 per year)
    - shopping cart platform (free and paid options)
    - theme or custom design (free and paid options - themes are cost effective starting at $~$50)
    - advertising

    Hope this helps.
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    Will you be dropshipping? If so, you will need a list of wholesalers that dropship. Once you have this list, start reaching out to establish relationships.
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    You are in london .
    My question is are you British?
    or you are live there?
    Better option is consult with your local advocate ,British rules are very hard to satisfy.
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    Here's some useful links for starting a business in the UK.
    HM Revenue & Customs: Starting a business

    For the eCommerce software, I recommend looking into OpenCart - Open Source Shopping Cart Solution

    The biggest challenge in eCommerce (in my experience) is finding good distributors and creating mutually beneficial arrangements with partners. That's all about networking and getting to know people. It's crucial for long term success.
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    You can start it online with all the legalities depending upon your area...in some countries like India its very easy to start
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